The advertising industry has a gender bias problem, and although there are countless women and allies working tirelessly to make a difference, if things don't move and evolve at the top, institutional change remains a long way away.

The One Club For Creativity’s Right The Ratio is a multi-day summit aimed at agency leaders, those with the authority within their walls to advance workplace equality and foster a more gender-inclusive environment. Its mission is to share ideas, insights, and solutions that can then be acted upon, from the corner office all the way to the intern pool. With sessions led by highly respected business leaders, Right The Ratio aims to help you make the necessary adjustments and about-faces that will lead to a better workplace.

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Right The Ratio


When: May 18-20, 2021

Where: Online in 2021

Why Should You Attend?

Right The Ratio was created out of the need to promote more women into leadership roles, fight unconscious bias and shatter the glass ceiling on equal opportunities for all genders.

Who Should Attend?

Agency creatives and executives who are in a position to set actionable goals for their companies’ structure. In an industry where they make up the majority of leadership roles, men are especially encouraged to register.

What Is The Format?

This year's format will move to a virtual setting and will include panels, small group discussions and networking opportunities.


Lionel Carreon

Lionel Carreon

Director, Talent Acquisition
Keith  Cartwright

Keith Cartwright

President / CCO
Wendy Clark

Wendy Clark

DDB Worldwide
Lisa Clunie

Lisa Clunie

Co-Founder, CEO
Joan Creative
Susan Credle

Susan Credle

Global CCO
FCB Global
Sara Guizzo

Sara Guizzo

SVP, Talent Acquisition
Wunderman Thompson NA
Cole Habersham

Cole Habersham

Account Manager
Vita Harris

Vita Harris

Chief Strategy Officer
FCB Global
Daniela Herrera

Daniela Herrera

Associate Director, Talent Acquisition
Kate Jeffers

Kate Jeffers

Partner, Chief Operating Officer
Venables Bell & Partners
Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson

CCO, Partner
Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners
Janet Kestin

Janet Kestin

Co-Founder, Partner
James Kinney

James Kinney

VP, People
Giant Spoon
Tommy Means

Tommy Means

Founder & CCO
Shannon Moorman

Shannon Moorman

Vice President, Global Creative Talent
Jaime Robinson

Jaime Robinson

Co-Founder, CCO
Joan Creative
Derek Robson

Derek Robson

Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Alanah Rodriguez

Alanah Rodriguez

Senior Account Manager, Influencer Marketing
Bozoma Saint John

Bozoma Saint John

Monique Sample

Monique Sample

Director of Talent Management
Wunderman Thompson New York
Kelly Schoeffel

Kelly Schoeffel

Executive Strategy Director, Partner
Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz

TBWA\Chiat\Day New York
Kevin Swanepoel

Kevin Swanepoel

Chief Executive Officer
The One Club For Creativity
Paul Venables

Paul Venables

Founder, Chairman
Venables Bell & Partners
Ari Weiss

Ari Weiss



Day 1


9:15 - 10:00am

Breakfast & Registration

10:00 - 10:10am

Opening & Introduction
Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for Creativity

10:10 am - 10:55 am

The Partnership Effect
Susan Credle, Global CCO, FCB Global Leadership is rooted in learning and listening. Please join Susan Credle as she shares learnings from her journey to the creative helm of global agency FCB. She will discuss her partnerships along the way that have driven positive change in the organization, which has resulted in a creative resurgence.

11:00 am - 11:45 am

Confessions of A Manbassador:
Some Things I've Learned About How To Be A Man In A Woman’s World

Rob Schwartz, CEO, TBWA\Chiat\Day New York
James Brown once sang, “This is a Man’s World.” That was 1969. Oh, how times have changed. In 2019, it’s becoming a woman’s world. And it’s not easy for a dude to navigate. But fear not. Because for the last 25-plus years Rob learned a lot from the amazing women he's worked with. And in this intimate chat, Rob will share that knowledge. Who knows, it just might help us all get to a better, more equal world.

11:50 am - 12:35 pm

A Woman and a Jew Walk Into a Bar - How Diversity Fuels Creative Revolution
Ari Weiss, CCO, DDB Worldwide
Wendy Clark, CEO, DDB Worldwide
The year is 1949 and there’s a good chance if you spent enough time around the bars of Madison Avenue you could have heard a joke begin, “A woman and a Jew walk into a bar…”. At the time, it was highly unusual to find any women or Jews in leadership roles on Madison Avenue and yet that’s exactly how DDB started. That same year, Bill Bernbach left Grey Advertising to start his agency. He took with him super star copywriter Phyllis Robinson. Shortly thereafter he promoted her to Copy Chief; a first for any woman in the industry. And so, the creative revolution began. 71 years later Wendy Clark and Ari Weiss lead DDB Worldwide. And while today it’s quite common to see Jews in leadership roles, Wendy remains one of a small group of women leading a global advertising network. Join Wendy and Ari as they take a look at what we can learn from the past and the action we can all undertake to create a more inclusive future.

12:40 - 1:25 pm


1:30 - 2:15 pm

Four Clowns, A Net and Other Mentoring Magic Tricks
Janet Kestin, Co-Founder, SWIM
Mentoring is a major time suck. Only women should mentor women. Women need a single full--service mentor. Women are under-mentored. Women are over-mentored. The myths around mentoring are abundant, and happily, wrong. Former Ogilvy Toronto CCO and Swim co-founder, Janet Kestin, will share ways to build this practice into your agency---for women to grow and advance, and your company to get benefits like lower turnover, better performance, a richer pipeline, and good odds of landing on the Best Companies to Work For list.

2:20 - 3:05 pm

Find Your Voice Even When No One Is Listening
Keith Cartwright, Co-Founder and President, SATURDAY MORNING
Kelly Schoeffel, Executive Strategy Director, Partner, 72andSunny
Kelly and Keith tell their individual truth about finding their voice and what it took to get there. They’ll share their personal stories along with a few hard life lessons that helped them navigate a world and an industry that wasn’t built for them.

3:10 - 3:55 pm

5 Steps to Building a Culture Where Diversity, Creativity and Individuality Thrive
Paul Venables, Founder, Chairman, Venables Bell & Partners
Kate Jeffers, Partner/COO, Venables Bell & Partners
We all recognize the value that having a diverse culture brings to our agencies and our work. And yet, there are real challenges related to building and sustaining a truly diverse team. How do we create inclusive agency teams and broaden the industry talent pool to reflect today’s society? It's not by obsessing over numbers and percentage quotas. The key is to create a culture and environment where exceptional, unique and diverse talent want to be and grow. Hear from VB&P Founder/Chairman Paul Venables and Partner/COO Kate Jeffers, on the 5 steps we can all take to build a culture where diversity and individuality thrive where diversity and individuality thrive.

4:00 - 4:45 pm

The Feelings Business
Bozoma Saint John, CMO, Endeavor
Alanah Rodriguez, Senior Account Manager, Influencer Marketing, 160over90
Powerhouse businesswoman and Endeavor CMO Bozoma Saint John will talk all things parenthood and emotional intelligence in this frank conversation moderated by Alanah Rodriguez, Senior Account Manager, Influencer Marketing, 160over90.

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Cocktails & Networking

Day 2


9:15 - 10:00am

Breakfast & Networking

10:00 - 10:30am

An Un-Conference style reflection on the previous day where attendees can expand, ask further questions or expand on discussions from Day 1

10:30 am - 11:15 am

People First, Purpose Driven
Monique Sample, Director of Talent Management, Wunderman Thompson New York
Sara Guizzo, SVP, Talent Acquisition, Wunderman Thompson NA
What do you get when you combine two incredibly talented companies into one new creative, data and technology agency? One year after their integration, join talent leaders from Wunderman Thompson to hear how their people first, purpose driven promise supports and empowers women for success Gender-based initiatives created to empower women and help them pass on their learnings to others, how to prioritize candidate relationships when hiring, and keep a pulse on building you pipeline while integrating talent are just a few highlights.

11:20 am - 12:05 pm

Everything I Know About Gender Equity I Learned From a 70’s Sitcom
Tommy Means, Founder and CCO, Mekanism
The 1970’s was an explosive era for feminism and gender equality in American pop culture. Before there was an Internet, prime-time television emerged as a powerful medium to show the transfer of power to women from traditional nuclear family roles. As the son of two working entrepreneurs, Mekanism founder and chief creative officer Tommy Means was left alone in front of a TV after school for hours with sit-com heroines. In this provocative, funny, and participatory conversation, Tommy reveals how strong, funny women like Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, Alice and Major Margaret Houlihan can inform and influence how to navigate the transfer of gender power at creative companies.

12:10 pm - 12:55 pm

Taking Meaningful Strides to Create a Truly Diverse Culture
Jaime Robinson, Co-Founder, CCO, Joan Creative
Lisa Clunie, Co-Founder, CEO, Joan Creative
Advertising is an industry rooted in culture and authentic storytelling, which is why it's vital for agency leaders to embrace a diverse workforce. As a female-owned and led agency, diversity and inclusion are deeply rooted in JOAN's foundation. Hear how co-founders Lisa Clunie and Jaime Robinson are taking meaningful actions to bring brilliant thinkers from all walks of life into the industry through its diversity foundation and paid fellowship program. They'll share their insights on how to retain and nourish talent, and how building a truly diverse team can bolster creative output and ultimately lead your agency to success.

12:55 pm - 1:45 pm


1:50 pm - 2:35 pm

Can Advertising Be The First Pay Equitable Industry?
James Kinney, VP, People, Giant Spoon
Research shows that in the year 2277, nearly 400 years after first entering the workforce, women will receive equal pay for the very first time. Read that sentence again. While global pay equality isn't realistic for another 257 years, it's within our reach. The advertising industry often talks about calls-to-action and inciting conversations, but the truth is that we still have not yet converted enough women into positions of fair and equal pay. But, what if the advertising industry was the first of all industries to be pay equitable? Join James Kinney, VP of People at Giant Spoon, an agency at the forefront of this movement, as he digs into the key factors of inequality–– education, negotiation, and parenting–– to ensure that the women, people of color, and professionals of any background can profit from meaningful, fruitful careers, starting today.

2:40 pm - 3:25 pm

The Economics of Equality
Margaret Johnson, CCO & Partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Derek Robson, President, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
A curious thing happens when your agency decides to make the gender ratio of its leadership 50/50. For the first year, men feel less empowered. Yet within a year, that uncertainty is replaced by overwhelmingly reassuring data about profitability, new business and retention. Derek Robson and Margaret Johnson will bring learnings from Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ own journey from 2016 to present.

3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Embrace the Taboo: How Transparency is Closing the Pay Gap
Shannon Moorman, Vice President, Global Creative Talent, WPP
Lionel Carreon, Global Director, Creative Recruiting, R/GA
Cole Habersham, Account Director, Droga5
Daniela Herrera, Associate Director, Talent Acquisition, R/GA
There is increasing transparency around compensation amongst the younger ranks of the advertising industry. What once was considered taboo is now part of agency culture. In fact, there is now a crowd-sourced document with over 5K agency employees who have entered their salary details that is being shared across North America. This was created as a tool for those under-represented populations to be armed with the data to negotiate. This poses the question: Are our agency leaders doing enough to fix the gap? There is no turning back, our talent is demanding financial parity and they have the data to support these demands. We will discuss how leaders can start preparing for this movement, both financially and culturally. This panel consists of cross- generational and cross-cultural agency representatives, each bringing a unique perspective to the topic.

4:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Closing Remarks and Action Moving Forward
Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for Creativity


  • Raphaela Almeida - Senior Human Resources Generalist, Wieden+Kennedy New York
  • Yomara Arnold - Account Director, 4am Saatchi & Saatchi Guatemala
  • Joe Baratelli - EVP / Chief Creative Officer, RPA
  • Hillary Black - Founding Partner, Kay & Black
  • Amy Blasco - SVP Experience Analytics, RAPP
  • Astrid Boesze - Recruiting Director, Wieden+Kennedy New York
  • Amanda Breaux - Integrated Account Director, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Amy Clawson - Director of Talent & Experience, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
  • Yvette Cobarrubias - Managing Partner/Executive Producer, Cosmo Street Editorial
  • Juliana Cobb - ECD, Droga5
  • Theresa Collins - Director of Public Relations, Wieden+Kennedy New York
  • Malaika Danovitz - SVP Creative Director / Copy, Saatchi Saatchi Wellness
  • Esther Danzig - Director of Creative Resourcing & Talent, Preacher
  • Tescia Deak - Creative Director, Grey West
  • Kathy Delaney - Global CCO, Saatchi Saatchi Wellness
  • Sue Desilva - EVP/Executive Creative Director, Digitas
  • Jillian Goger - Creative Director, Mekanism
  • Lauren Goldstein - Senior Talent Manager, Kay & Black
  • Michael Houston - Worldwide CEO, Grey Group
  • Rene Huey-Lipton - Founder, DAME Consultancy
  • Peter Ignazi - Global CCO, Cossette
  • Judy Jackson - Global Head of Culture, WPP
  • James Jenkins - CCO, B-Reel
  • Courtney Jespersen - Executive Director, Talent, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Katelyn Johnson - Creative Recruiting Manager, Wieden+Kennedy New York
  • Anjana Kacker - Head of Operations, McGarryBowen
  • Lalita Koehler - COO, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Robyn Lahlein - Managing Director - People In Deals, PwC
  • Mary Latimer - VP of Human Resources, VSA Partners, Inc.
  • Nicole Locklair - Director, Talent Acquisition, Code and Theory
  • Heather Luipoid - Creative Lead, Google Creative Lab
  • Kate Lummus - Creative Director, Google Creative Lab
  • Bevan Mahaney - Creative Director, Grey West
  • Emily Malito - Executive Producer, UNIT9
  • Emma McDonald - Creative Director, Purpose
  • Sarah Nguyen - Chairman of VivaMama at Saatchi and for Publicis Groupe National, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Karin Onsager-Birch - CCO, FCB West
  • Rebekah Pagis - Managing Director, MullenLowe
  • Kelly Parrotto - Director, Talent Acquisition, Droga5
  • John Patroulis - Worldwide CCO, Grey Group
  • Meg Piro - Head of Communications Strategy, Johannes Leonardo
  • Gloria Pitagorsky - Partner, Heard City
  • Debra Sercy - Chief Talent Officer, Johannes Leonardo
  • Lisa Setten - SVP, Executive Director, MullenLowe
  • Kala Sherman - Managing Partner, New Math
  • Laura Smalls - VP / People Director, RPA
  • Adrianne Smith - Global Director of Inclusion & Diversity, WPP
  • Nicoletta Stefanidou - Co-Founder, CCO, Tinker Tailor
  • Robyn Stern - CD, National Campaigns and Co-Chair Viva Women!, Saatchi LA
  • Misty Stiers - Creative Director, Isobar
  • Jolande van Helbergen - HR Director, Wieden+Kennedy New York
  • Mike Wente - CCO, Mcgarrybowen