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My First Time by Phil Growick

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Top Ad Creatives Talk About Their First Commercial (Ad or Site) And What They Learned From It


From the top ad people all over the world, the ones who create the best TV commercials and ads, the ones you love, the ones you remember, the ones you wish you had thought of yourself, come their own stories, in their own words, about the first work they ever did. And lived to talk about it. Barely. They talk about the zaniness and craziness. They talk about the good guys and the bad girls and vice versa. They talk about things you only think can happen on TV or in the movies, but actually happened to these people. You may not believe what you will read, but in the ad world, you may not believe what you see, either.

Here's a partial list (in alphabetical order) of the top global creative leaders whose stories you'll read:

David Angelo (Chairman, CCO, David&Goliath)
David Baldwin (Lead Guitar, Baldwin&)
Susan Credle (CCO, Leo Burnett)
Greg Di Noto (Partner, CCO, Deutsch, Inc. / NY)
Mark Fitzloff (Partner, Co-ECD, W+K / Portland)
Kevin McKeon (ECD, StrawberryFrog / NY)
Kevin Roddy (CCO, Chairman, Riney / SF)
Ted Royer (Partner, ECD, Droga5 / NY)
Carlos Vaca (President, CEO, BBDO / Mexico)
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