Episode 167: Charley Wickman, EVP/ECD at Leo Burnett
Episode 166: Mike Fetrow and Anthony DiNicola, ECD and CD at Olson in Minneapolis
Episode 165: Brandon Pierce, Creative Director at Sid Lee
Episode 164: David Perez, Creative Recruiter at Venables Bell
Episode 163: David Banta, CD at Hill Holliday, Boston
Episode 162: Geoff Edwards, Co-Founder and ECD of DOJO
Episode 161: Brent Goldman, Copywriter at Tribal DDB
Episode 160: Elizabeth Stephens and Janeen Ritson of mcgarrybowen in NYC
Episode 159: Tony Marin, ACD at Barkley in KC
Episode 158: Ian Falcon, Freelance CD, Currently at Strawberry Frog
Episode 157: Mike Lear, CD at The Martin Agency
Episode 156: Kyle Lewis, Morrison Agency CCO
Episode 155: Ryan Dean Waite, ACD, Leo Burnett
Episode 154: Andy Corbett is still at it.
Episode 153: Prentice Howe, CD at Doner
Episode 152: Paul Kuzma and Michelle Burgess of TRIS3CT in Chicago





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