America has a gun violence epidemic that is unique in the world. We haven't been able to work toward a solution because we are stuck in a cycle of inaction. A frenzy of demand for change, a polarized public debate, a shift in focus to whatever is next.

The world wants a silver bullet we can rally around. But in reality, it's a web of interrelated issues, each needing to be addressed and targeted for change.

With so many issues, we need many silver bullets.

This is not about finding one big, innovative, disruptive idea; it's about finding another, and another, and another, and another. You are the creative force who will keep the pressure on, who will make sure that momentum is never lost. To solve this problem, we must overwhelm the problem. So that's what we're going to do.

There are no categories. There are no fees. If you come up with a good idea, go online and submit it. No physical materials need to be sent. All entries will be judged digitally.

We need your help. Let's make a change.


2019 Call for Entries

Call for Entries for 2019 information is coming soon. Be sure to join our mailing list to make sure you are updated when the entry period begins.


For more than thirty years, The One Club for Creativity has been and continues to be passionate about encouraging students and young professionals to showcase their creativity. Through the acclaimed Young Ones Student Awards, we aim to identify the best young creative talent from around the world in a variety of creative disciplines.

The Young Ones Brief competition tasks students with creating work for different types of clients for the chance to earn a One Show Pencil.

The Young Ones ADC competition offers students the chance to earn an ADC Cube by competing in the exact same disciplines and categories as the ADC Annual Awards.

The Young Ones Portfolio competition is an opportunity for students to showcase examples from their portfolio in a variety of creative disciplines.

To qualify for entry, national and international college students must be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate college program, or other program approved by The One Club's Education Department. Submissions to the competitions are judged based on creativity and originality. Winners are awarded during the Young Ones Education Festival, held each May in New York City.

Contact with any questions.


The Young Ones Education Festival is celebrated annually, during Creative Week in New York City, with the goal to inspire and nurture the next generation of advertising professionals. Events during the festival present an invaluable opportunity for students and graduating seniors to network with top agency professionals, receive feedback on their portfolios, experience the industry's best work, and much more.

The festival culminates with the Young Ones Student Awards Ceremony, where we celebrate students' work with Pencil, Cube and Portfolio Awards.

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