Gender Equality

The mission of The One Club’s Gender Equality department is to empower people of all genders with the tools to elevate the work of underrepresented creatives and promote change that leads to a more inclusive workplace.

For Next Creative Leaders, The One Club for Creativity has partnered with 3% Movement to identify and honor the future faces of creativity. New and aspiring gender expanisve creatives who are stepping into leadership roles: Copywriters, Art Directors, ACDs and newly-minted CDs who are doing game-changing work and helping change our industry for the better through creativity, leadership, and point of view.






We are proud to partner with organizations to bring together creatives around the world to discuss, mentor and inspire the creative community through panel discussions, workshops and networking events. From salary negotiation workshops with SheSays ( to inspiring talks on juggling parenthood and navigating imposter syndrome to connecting creatives through mentorship and sponsorship, there is something for everyone.



  • SheSays - a global creative network for women
  • Fellow - an app-based community that connects women with mentors
  • InVisible Creatives - female creative portfolio database
  • The Dame Collective - female-oriented employment database of creative women over 40
  • Indian Creative Women - an independent forum working towards furthering diversity in creative teams across the Indian Advertising and Design Industry


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