Gender Equality

The One Club is proud to partner with organizations to bring together creatives from around the world to discuss, mentor and inspire the creative community surrounding gender equality.

The One Club and SheSays, a global network for women, have been strong partners bringing together audiences panels and discussions that shed light on topics on women's leadership and where the industry is headed.

The Let's Make the Industry 50/50 Initiative highlights the wealth of qualified women in senior positions throughout all facets of the creative communications industries, bringing important balance to the conversation and laying a foundation for future generations of female talent.

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Next Creative Leaders

The One Club has partnered with
3% Conference to identify and honor the 10 future faces of creativity: Rising young women creatives who are undeniably talented. New and aspiring creative women who are stepping into leadership roles: Copywriters, Art Directors, ACDs and newly-minted CDs who are doing game-changing work and helping change our industry for the better through creativity, leadership, and point of view.

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