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A Series of 10 Short Talks to Overcome COVID Weariness

Motivational speaker and inspirational cancer survivor Conn Bertish delivers a powerful short talk series to help creatives cope with the stress and anxiety of covid, and the new work environment.

About Conn Bertish

Considered one of South Africa’s top creative thinkers, Conn Bertish is a multiple internationally awarded creative director, trainer of resilience, cancer survival and big wave surfing - who resigned from his high-powered job after beating brain cancer to launch Cancer Dojo – a mobile app and brand that uses creativity to empower patients to build their own resiliency, tap into the science of psychoneuroimmunology and become harder to kill. Conn speaks and runs workshops on the intersection of creativity, health, technology and resilience for a world under stress.

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Vertical Storytelling

Tay Guan Hin is obsessed with the mobile phone and vertical storytelling, and loves to share his share best practices and tips on converting thumb-stopping content into likes to inspire.

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The Business of Being Freelance

Carolyn Bothwell, founder of Freelance Founders, has created a three-part workshop series on all-things freelance. The workshops, available individually or as a series, cover Making the Leap, Making it Work, and Scaling your Freelance Business.

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About Carolyn Bothwell

Carolyn Bothwell is the founder of Freelance Founders™, a digital, members-only community that empowers creative and marketing freelancers to build financially viable careers.

She is a seasoned creative with a background in brand strategy and copywriting. She has had a successful career working alongside agencies like CAVU, Derris, Nike Communications, CASE Agency, and more. She has worked on the creative for brands like Living Proof, Sperry, TripAdvisor, and and Wayfair. With a distinct knack for merging storytelling with strategy, Carolyn has worked on the branding and launches of many emerging DTC brands.

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Health Pharm

Healthcare and Pharma are the most rapidly growing sectors in the industry and offer ample opportunities to do groundbreaking and award-winning work. McCann Health have demystified the process with their free series, Health Pharm. If you are interested in taking the leap into Health & Pharma advertising, this is a must-see series.