Next Creative Leaders 2019

By The 3% Conference & The One Club on Nov 07, 2019

This year marks two major milestones for this initiative: We have now named over 50 Next Creative Leaders (awarding our first ever team this year brings us to a grand total of 51). And Next Creative Leaders is officially five years old.

And while each year of this competition has brought new highlights and new insights, one thing has remained consistent, year after year: Each Next Creative Leaders class manages to raise the bar. Our 2019 Next Creative Leaders delivered the fiercest competition our jury has seen, truly enviable work, and inspiring stories of creation in the face of adversity. But they also reminded us that the real magic behind game changing creative is the special people who will it into existence.

The 2019 Next Creative Leaders:

  • Honored the journalists who risked their lives and reputations to bring us the truth at any cost.
  • Challenged the practice of Female Genital Mutilation with grace and hope.
  • Gave men the words they needed to join the fight for women’s rights.
  • And they reminded us to find our brave in tumultuous times — “even if it means sacrificing everything.”

These talented women are a beautiful reminder that real leadership doesn’t require the perfect opportunity, a big budget, or a fancy title. Real leadership just asks you to show up for yourself, your beliefs and each other. For the ideas that light up your heart. And for the future you’re excited to be a part of.

Next Creative Leaders 2019

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Sitta Chandarawong | Next Creative Leaders
Connie Chweh | Next Creative Leaders
Emese Gillotte & Dorottya Tóth | Next Creative Leaders
Farishte Irani | Next Creative Leaders







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