1985 Apple Lemmings

1985 Apple Lemmings

By Bob Fagan Posted on Jan 30, 2014

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and the big ads are ready to be shown.

A year after Apple made history with the 1984 ad, they wanted to go big again. So for the 1985 Super Bowl they ran the Lemmings spot for the Macintosh office. The same team was assembled at Chiat/Day. Lee Clow and Steve Hayden, this time the spot was directed by Tony Scott. The 1984 spot was directed by Tony's brother Ridley.

Steve Hayden says,“I often remind people about Lemmings as proof of Karmic balance, the spot is beautifully photographed but you can’t make fun of the customers you’re trying to reach. The business customers we had been trying to go after felt they had been disrespected. That was not our intention."


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