Charlotte Moore & Janet Champ

Charlotte Moore & Janet Champ

By Bob Fagan Posted on Oct 24, 2013

The One Club is celebrating Creative Women in the AD Industry this month. It's a three part series titled Creative Women's Leadership Series. It is spearheaded by our CEO Mary Warlick. For more information Click Here.

Back in the 1990's at Wieden & Kennedy/Portland, Charlotte Moore and Janet Champ, co- creators of the Nike Women's Fitness campaign, became the most famous and successful women's creative team in advertising. Their advertising was smart and literate, some of the ads had alot of copy...that was worth reading. It touched on women's issues and the art direction was modern and timeless. It changed the way advertisers sold to women. Together they wrote a book "Ripe" about women and aging. Find it and read it.

This is a spot for Nike called Heritage, it won a Gold Pencil at The One Show in 1992.


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