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By Staff Posted on Sep 05, 2014

Kay Kim attended the One Club’s Creative Boot Camp held in Los Angeles this past February, where he was discovered by mega agency 72andSunny, landing a job shortly thereafter. Kim was part of a Bronze Pencil-winning team at the 2014 Young Ones competition, as well. We caught up with the young creative to see how things were going at his new gig.
What is your background? What interested you in advertising?
Nobody grows up saying, “When I grow up, I want to work in advertising…” It just kind of happens, like it did to me.
I was a savage child who grew up surrounded by nature. I spent most of my days fishing, catching lizards and getting into trouble with my wild imagination. I never saw myself living a mundane day-to-day life. Advertising kind of mirrored that environment where I could have just as much fun and use my imagination to pay the bills and possibly do some good at the same time.
What was your experience at the Boot Camp in LA? How did it prepare you for working in the industry?
The Boot Camp was awesome. I’d say my biggest takeaway from it all was the exposure. I had the opportunity to meet and network with creatives from agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, 180LA and, of course, 72andSunny.
How is 72andSunny? What kinds of things are you working on there?
72andSunny is better than I had imagined. It’s overflowing with encouragement, infectious energy, adventure, opportunity for growth and the most incredible group of people I’ve met in the early stages of my career.
I’m currently working as a creative on the Samsung account, but I’ve also had the opportunity to work with the Google team. So far I’ve helped out with a lot of different aspects of the creative process: coming up with big campaign ideas, writing scripts and even art-directing decks. You really do learn something new every day.
Whether it’s your first or your fourth job, you’re treated like an equal. They’re all for collaborating and listening to what anybody has to say.
What would you tell a young person who is thinking about getting into advertising?
If you’re Asian, don’t bother trying to explain what it is that you do to your parents. They’ll never get it. Ever.
But seriously, never give up. Put in the time. Don’t compare yourself to others. Keep your head down, ears perked and hit the ground running. Have a personality. Be a cool person. When it all comes down to it, agencies will hire someone they wouldn’t mind being with during those all-nighters at work. Be open to criticism but don’t hesitate to fight for an idea you strongly believe in.  And something I’ve recently learned at 72, “Swing Big.”
How has the One Club helped your career?
The One Club has connected me to countless talented creatives in the industry. Without the One Club I may have never received the exposure I needed to get my foot in the door at 72andSunny. 


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