Five Fierce Females

By Brett McKenzie Posted on Aug 06, 2019

Five past Next Creative Leaders share what it takes to win

The deadline for Next Creative Leaders 2019 — The One Club for Creativity's annual showcase of kickass creative women who are making moves into leadership roles — is fast approaching. But no need to panic; we're extending it by one more week! You now have until next Friday, August 16 to get your entry completed ahead of judging.

Now for those of you still on the fence about entering, unsure if you have what it takes, we caught up with five previous winners who not only impressed the judges, they also became judges themselves in subsequent years. They know just what you need when a good portfolio alone isn't going to cut it.

Liz Cartwright
Creative Director
Next Creative Leaders 2015 Winner

“I believe my own personal "something" is my creative boldness. I try to use my voice and creative talents to shine a light on a subject or a person that the world should pay more attention to, not just because it's interesting, but because it's something we can all learn from. ”

“When I judged Next Creative Leaders, I looked for brave ideas - ideas that required everyone to take a leap of faith to make - because any person that can convince their team and the client to all hold hands to make something that pushes the edge of normal or safe is a leader that deserves to be celebrated.”

Tara Lawall
Group Creative Director
Next Creative Leaders 2015 Winner

"I am most impressed when I see an idea and I can't imagine how they pulled it off. It's the 'how they hell did they do that?!' that makes portfolios or ideas really stand out to me. Because pulling off, hard to pull off ideas, shows that a person is not just brilliant but also has stamina and tenacity."

Aisha Hakim
Senior Art Director
Venables Bell & Partners
Next Creative Leaders 2015 Winner

"I was told that the way I spoke about my work and ambitions set me apart. I didn’t have many impressive projects and was rather junior, but at the time I asked to practice writing scripts against a Super Bowl brief, and ended up selling the winning script that year. It wasn’t about the spot I sold, it was that I took the initiative to push myself when I didn’t need to."

"If I were one of this year's judges, I would be looking for similar qualities. Not everyone is given great briefs or big-budget projects, but anyone can seek opportunities to push themselves outside their comfort zone."

Bianca Guimaraes
VP, Creative Director
BBDO New York
Next Creative Leaders 2016 Winner

"For me, I don't want to just make good work. I try to make the industry a better and more diverse place. There's “Gatas na Gringa,” a mentorship program for Brazilian female creatives looking to work abroad. I've also reviewed portfolios at career conferences for FIT, Pratt, MAIP and the 3% Conference, and mentored college students from The One Club’s Creative Boot Camps. I further help to inspire our industry by speaking at a number of industry events."

"I believe it's not enough to get women and people of color at the door. It's our responsibility to nurture them. That's why when I judged Next Creative Leaders a couple of years ago, I was looking for women that support each other and invest their time in mentoring others, so they are set up for success and can reach their full potential."

Nadja Lossgott
Creative Partner
Next Creative Leaders 2015 Winner

"If an amazing body of work is the “price of admission” then what is that something else? After all, what more do you need than an amazing body of work? To me, this body of work should be the emergence of a fresh voice and a fresh view of the world. It is a body of work that is not just amazing but is dragging advertising into new, exciting and wonderful places with conviction. It is carving a path the rest of us will want to follow."


The deadline for Next Creative Leaders entries is now Friday, August 16, 2019. The deadline for nominations is this Friday, August 9, 2019. Both are free



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