Great Adventures

Great Adventures

By Carrie Cummings Posted on Mar 31, 2014

The One Screen Short Film Festival was held at Sunshine Theater in New York City on January 28, 2014. This year, Gerard Lambkin's short film "Great Adventures" won Best of Show at the festival. "Great Adventures" is a whimsical, autobiographical narrative full of flashbacks that chronicle the filmmaker's childhood adventures with his grandfather. We talked with the Australian filmmaker about the film, what the festival means to him and his future plans.

How does it feel to have won Best of Show at this year's One Screen? How will your win affect your career?
It’s a huge honor for me to have won Best of Show at One Screen 2014. It means so much to me to have my work acknowledged and awarded by such a diverse and esteemed panel of respected industry professionals. One Screen, as part of The One Club is so highly regarded, and to be awarded at such a level is a massive professional honour. My hope is that this win will help me gain further exposure as a commercial director so that I may expand my career beyond Australia.
What was your budget like for your short? Were there any filming and production considerations because of budget?
"Great Adventures" was produced on a very modest budget, as most short films are. The objective was to set out and tell a rich, layered and emotional story, yet done so in a manner that was heavily reliant on imagination and story. Together with writer Karl Mather, we wanted to tackle a project that connected with the audience, and yet was contained and clever in it’s film making approach. 
What's on your roster for 2014? 
2014 is shaping up to be a very exciting year. As well as projects that are forecast for production in Australia, I am looking to establish myself in other markets. I am particularly interested in working in the US and Europe, and am keen to see what opportunities may present in those areas. 
Why, as an international director working in Australia, were you interested in coming to New York to show your work?
One Screen and The One Club is so highly regarded worldwide, that to win acclaim and acknowledgement of this stage is a potentially career changing opportunity… and I am always willing to revisit New York! Thereare just a handful of organizations globally that are so highly respected in the advertising community, to screen at One Screen is a rare and highly desirable credit to have as a director, let alone to win Best of Show. 
How does the One Screen Festival impact filmmakers all over the world?
I believe One Screen presents a brilliant opportunity for film makers from all over the world to be celebrated and awarded in an arena that can be very hard to break into. I believe shorter form film making is particularly relevant in today’s commercial media landscape, and that the cross over between narrative film making and the advertising industry will only grow closer and more intertwined. 



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