Great Expectations

By Alixandra Rutnik Posted on Jan 22, 2020

One Show judges spill the tea on what they are looking forward to seeing in the 2020 One Show

The One Show 2020 deadline is just around the corner and we want to get all you creative types hyped about submitting some of your coolest work this year; we asked twelve of our judges what they are hoping to see as they sift through all the submissions. Here are some of their hopes and dreams for 2020’s show.

Nicky Bullard
Chief Creative Officer, MRM McCann
Direct Marketing Jury

"I hope we see great work for big brands of course. But also celebrate those smaller pieces that sometimes get drowned out by the noise."


Alex Bodman
VP, Global ECD, Spotify
Social Media Jury

"I can't wait to see that thing I see every time I judge– if I'm lucky I'll even see it more than once. It's that piece of work I tried or came close to making, but hey– someone smarter made it happen and did it even better. Wait, does that make me masochistic?"


Swantje Rummel
Executive Producer/Partner, Iconoclast
Moving Image Craft Jury

"Inspiration and entertainment."


Eric Silver
Chief Creative Officer, North America, McCann
Branded Entertainment Jury

"My favorite part of One Show judging is always meeting fellow judges and getting a read on the industry, as well as learning how they approach analyzing the work. As far as the Branded Entertainment category, it is defined as merging advertising and entertainment. I’m looking forward to lots of varied entries. All advertising by definition should be entertaining, right?."


Mandie Van Der Merwe
Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi
Integrated / Experiential and Immersive Jury

"I’m looking forward to being surprised. And finding work that makes me spontaneously laugh out loud. I’m looking forward to simple, elegant solutions to ginormous problems. And to work that makes us all think and debate. It’s not about a specific medium for me. It’s about the unexpected ways in which we tell stories and trigger a change in behavior."


Chuck McBride
CCO/Chief Heart Officer, Cutwater
Film Jury

"Branded content is something I’m watching closely. It holds huge creative opportunity. And I like the fact that it follows the entertainment model of earning an audience instead of buying it."


Marina Danjo
Creative Director, Dentsu
Design Jury

"I want to see and learn a lot of high quality works from all over the world. Because I’ve been an applicant of One Show every year and this is the first time to be a One Show juror. I’m excited to see the backstage of the award."


Bridget Johnson
Executive Creative Director, The Riverbed Agency
Film Jury

"As always, I’m on a quest for ‘the ping–’ that feeling you get when you see an idea and there’s this tiny jolt in your chest and you know it’s amazing work, even if your rational mind is not so sure. More specifically though, I’d love to see more work that makes me smile, even laugh. I think there’s a lot of genius, important, but serious work out there and it would be good to see a little more wit and whack."


Jason Bagley
Executive Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy
Branded Entertainment Jury

"I’m getting to judge the Branded Entertainment category, so I’m excited to see all the new and different ways that creatives are coming at that. I’m looking forward to being branded and entertained."


Ami Alush
Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett
Integrated / Experiential and Immersive Jury

"In the past years, many of the award-winning ads at advertising festivals have been for purpose-driven campaigns. Now don’t get me wrong. I think working to a purpose is an admirable objective but it seems it has become a formula for winning award shows. That is why I’d like to see more work that genuinely impacts the bottom line, moves us, makes us laugh and digs deep into our culture; if that passes by taking a stand, then that should be part of the brand’s DNA as an ongoing effort rather than a one-time event."


John Boiler
Creative Co-Chair, Founder, 72andSunny
Film Jury

"Anything that breaks out of the conventional paid media model that scales. That's what we're overdue to see in the One Show this year because it will validate and point the way to a more exciting advertising future."


Ted Lim
Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu
Direct Marketing Jury

"Everyone wants to be engaged and entertained; nobody wants more work. I hope to see fresh, impactful creations and experiences that don’t look or feel like work. We are in the industry formerly known as advertising."


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