If You Let Me Play

If You Let Me Play

By Bob Fagan Posted on Oct 17, 2013

The One Club is celebrating Creative Women in the AD Industry this month. It's a three part series titled Creative Women's Leadership Series. It is spearheaded by our CEO Mary Warlick. For more information Click Here.

This Nike ad comes from two very talented and passionate women. Janet Champ and Rachel Nelson of Wieden + Kennedy. They concieved the idea, and it was a major success, winning a Gold Pencil in 1996.

I'll quote these two women from The One Club's Annual...

"We saw the facts about cancer survival, teen pregnancy, suicide rates, chronic depression. We saw the facts about the impact sports can make. And we already knew too well about the obvious inequality on the playing field. Simply put, we were mad. We wanted to educate people. And we wanted to make a statement that nobody could invalidate. And they can't."


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