Ivan Cash: Agent of Connection

By Brett McKenzie Posted on Oct 19, 2017

Director and YG10 winner unveils his latest short film 

We're a month away from welcoming in a new class of Young Guns — you've scored your ticket to the party, right? — but we always enjoy checking out what past winners are up to. After all, once you're in Young Guns, you're in it for life.

Case in point: San Francisco-based interactive artist, film director and Young Guns 10 winner Ivan Cash has just released his latest project, a short film entitled "Agent of Connection". If you're looking for a little pep in your emotional step today, especially if you're a subway commuter, it's worth the three and a half minutes.

'Agent of Connection' is escribed as such: "William Cromartie is a BART station agent who finds meaning through the simple act of saying hello. Every day, William greets 4,000 Oakland commuters— fist bumping, shaking hands, even hugging people from all walks of life. William has worked as a station agent at BART for 20 years and considers it the best job in the world, a statement in and of itself for a man who’s UC Berkley educated, ran his own business for seven years, and has a two hour commute, each direction. William’s passion for helping people feel included comes from his own experience transcending personal barriers."

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