Notes from the Jury: Esra Gülmen

By Alixandra Rutnik Posted on Apr 20, 2020

"I love design work when they make me feel like: wait a second, you really made it happen? I'm jealous of your brain."

Judging for The One Show 2020 and the ADC 99th Annual Awards was just about to begin, with hundreds of creatives from all across the globe coming to New York and Puerto Rico for several weeks of deciding the most Pencil and Cube-worthy work of the past year.

COVID-19 had other plans.

Never ones to be deterred, we at The One Club for Creativity quickly put together a course of action that allowed for the majority of the submissions to be debated and discussed online, while a small group of New York-based creatives viewed work in person. Our goal has been to maintain the integrity of our two main awards while erring on the side of safety, and our phenomenal judges have been more than accommodating.

Each year, we like to share some of the judges' views coming out of the various jury rooms. This year, however, those rooms are more likely to be virtual.

Esra Gülmen, Visual Artist and Designer working as Head of Design at HEIMAT, Berlin, shares her perspective with us about current life and the One Show 2020 Design discipline through her unique creative lens.

How is the COVID-19 situation in Berlin and how are you handling everything?

What is on trend this year in the design discipline?

How are you liking the design work this year?


What is the best thing in the design category that you have seen so far?


Your specialty is in blending illustration and typography–how do these things influence your design eye when it comes to judging others' work in The One Show?

After winning awards in The One Show 2018, what’s it likes to now be on the other side and be the one to do the judging?


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