Randy Cano: Art In Motion

By Justin Epstein Posted on Mar 09, 2018

LA-based animator shines on the One Show 2018 Social Influencer Marketing jury

Last year, The One Show introduced a new Social Influencer Marketing category in order to highlight brands and influencers who have shined in this symbiotic relationship (you can see this year's winners here.) We are gearing up for the 2018 edition of The One Show, and we are thrilled to be highlighting some of the Social Influencer Marketing Jury.

Our final featured jury member is Randy Cano, a Los Angeles-based animator, designer and artist who has worked on commercial projects for brands and artists such as MTV, Nike, Versace, Adidas, Netflix, Coachella, Becks, and many others. Aside from doing commercial work, he has built a body of personal work that has helped him garner over a quarter-million Instagram followers

Ahead of next week's judging, we spoke with Randy about his career, and the keys to a great creative brand collaboration.


Do you have a fine arts background? When did you begin creating animations/gifs and what was your inspiration?

I received a BFA in Graphic Design from Cal State Long Beach. I began creating animations/gifs about seven years ago while I was still a graphic design student. Animation and motion graphics was something that I stumbled upon one day, and I grew absolutely obsessed with it at the time and was inspired by anything that was animated, especially if it was 3D.

Who was the first brand that reached out to you to collaborate, and how did that come about?

The first brand that reached out to me to collaborate was MTV, just about a year ago. They apparently came across some of my work online, and reached out to me to create an artist identity. I pretty much got to do whatever I wanted and maintain my voice as an artist, but also made sure that it could work as something one would see on MTV.

Your Instagram is flooded with a ton of amazing work. If you had to single out one piece which would you pick?

Thank you! This piece: has to be my favorite piece so far. It's a simple and abstract animation that touches upon peace and unity.

What is your favorite Instagram account?

My favorite Instagram account at the moment has to be @NatGeo. I enjoy taking a break from the typical Instagram posts and reading about different animals, cultures, and stories from around the world.

What do you think makes a successful collaboration between influencers and brands?

I think when there’s a true genuine collaboration it works a lot better, and I mean when a brand can let the artist can be true to themselves and let them maintain their own voice as an influencer, rather than try to dictate and manipulate the influencer’s voice. I also think the collaboration should feel natural, and not forced.

Why do you think Social Influencers are so important in digital marketing right now? Do you think this marketing channel has longevity?

I think Social Influencers are important in digital marketing right now because they sometimes have more influence on people than certain brands do, so much so that brands will often times use them to market their products. There is a certain level of trust that followers have for a Social Influencers, so whatever it is that they market, people will most likely buy into it because of that trust. And I do think Instagram has longevity, as it seems to only be growing in popularity since it's so quick and easy to use. It's also much more than just a photo and video sharing app, it's also a social network.

Final judging for The One Show 2018 begins on March 13, 2018


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