Remembering the Past Decade

By Alixandra Rutnik Posted on Feb 17, 2020

One Show judges talk bomb-a** campaigns from the twenty-tens

It’s time to talk about what went down in the twenty-tens– that’s ten years of content friends. That’s a lot of freaking content. So, to narrow down this discussion I asked a handful of 2020 One Show judges to think back to a piece in the One Show (we’re talking anything from the years of 2010 to 2019) that really stuck with them– something that made them ruminate. I received some great responses and I would advise that before you get swept up in the creativity of 2020 take some time to reflect on all the great campaigns that were created in the twenty-tens.

Nicky Bullard
Chief Creative Officer, MRM McCann
Direct Marketing Jury

"It has to be The Epic Split in 2014. The combination of trucks/Van Damme/Enya is just crazy magic."


Alex Bodman
VP, Global ECD, Spotify
Social Media Jury

""Hair Nah". It inspired me because it found a simple way of using the language of predominantly white men to fight microaggressions."


Swantje Rummel
Executive Producer/Partner, Iconoclast
Moving Image Craft Jury

"A very outstanding piece that immediately comes to my mind is Childish Gambino’s “This Is America.” It’s not a commercial, but I want to pick it anyways. It has had such an impact with its story, its deeper meaning, the combination of product design and VFX, and foremost the fantastic camera work."


Eric Silver
Chief Creative Officer, North America, McCann
Branded Entertainment Jury

"One of my all-time favorites is the Nivea magazine ad, which could be ripped out and turned into a trackable wristband that warns parents if their kids stray too far. Families heading to the beach could put the water-resistant strip around their child’s arm and then download the companion app. For a brand that is all about protection, this was spot on."

Chuck McBride
CCO/Chief Heart Officer, Cutwater
Film Jury

"“Honda Grrr.” It was such a lovely concept. A killer insight as to why their engineers work so hard at solving problems. And an impeccable execution. I think now as a result, what do you hate that you want to change?"

Mandie Van Der Merwe
Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi
Integrated / Experiential and Immersive Jury

"“Dumb Ways to Die” (2013)– I was living in Johannesburg, South Africa, when this work launched. I’d seen the campaign on every advertising website. But then I found myself addicted to the mobile game. Like, staying up late into the night saving my character from bees, type of addicted. The campaign wasn’t even targeted at me but I ended up educating myself through this game. It’s an excellent example of how to tackle a sensitive subject with insight and humor, and then craft it into a piece that disarms you and affects you subconsciously. Also, it’s probably why I am still alive today– I used to be horrendously absent-minded when crossing a road."

Marina Danjo
Creative Director, Dentsu
Design Jury

"“Dumb Ways to Die” (2013) is unforgettable. It taught me how to bridge the gap between serious themes and every day."

Bridget Johnson
Executive Creative Director, The Riverbed Agency
Film Jury

"Wow, there are so many. Looking back over 10 years I’d say “Dumb Ways to Die” (2013) was inspirational. It took a serious topic and transformed it into a piece of popular culture while still landing its message perfectly. It was smart in that it understood that people respond to entertainment far more than they do scary messages. Most of all, it made Melbourne’s local metro super-cool. Boom! It’s also difficult to ignore work that shifts the dial politically or socially in some way. More recent mentions would have to be AeroMexico “DNA Project,” “The Corruption Detector–” inspiring for their cleverness, and the iconic “Dream Crazy” campaign for its balls and honesty. In design, I’d have to say “McDonalds Directional Signs;” it is just a classic!"

Jason Bagley
Executive Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy
Branded Entertainment Jury

"That’s like picking a favorite child, or donut, but I absolutely loved the “Awkward Family” HBO campaign from yonder year."

Ami Alush
Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett
Integrated / Experiential and Immersive Jury

"As a kid, Jean-Claude Van Damme was my hero; I used to watch all of his action films and the “Epic Split” for Volvo was for me closing the circle in the most… well, epic way."

John Boiler
Creative Co-Chair, Founder, 72andSunny
Film Jury

"I love when a client and agency build worlds together rather than campaigns. I look at the KFC Col. Sanders work that way. Everything from brilliantly silly schwag, apps, promotions, in-store displays and a dynamic TV campaign construct that brings both surprise and consistency. They created a world. And I love useful promotions like the Spotify Year End-use of data to build a useful connection with their listeners."

Ted Lim
Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu
Direct Marketing Jury

" There’s so much good work it’s impossible, almost unjust, to pick one piece from the past decade that has made an indelible impact on the world. If I had to pick, I’d say BWM Dentsu Sydney’s "Project Revoice" for the ALS Association. It is life-changing."


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