The All-Star Game

By Brett McKenzie Posted on Jun 11, 2018

Portfolio Night All-Stars returns as 19 creatives from around the world join forces this summer

A few weeks ago, in nineteen cities around the globe, hundreds of aspiring creatives and renowned creative directors came together on one single evening for the grand return of Portfolio Night 14, the world's largest advertising portfolio review. While for many this was a night of advice, mentorship and even job prospects, for one very lucky and talented individual from each city, PN14 was only the first step in a journey that will bring them all to New York City this August for Portfolio Night All-Stars.

For one awesome week, these nineteen All-Stars will bring their disparate backgrounds, talents and cultures to work together on a real creative brief. By the end of it all, yes there will be winners, but more importantly, there will be a collection of new friends who will help shape each other's professional futures.

We're still several weeks away from Portfolio Night All-Stars, but we're excited to reveal this year's particiapnts — you'll be hearing more about them this summer!



Jochem van Schip
Creative, 24


Cassandra Cheng
Designer, 27


Genle Zhu
Designer, 23


Tanvi Tandon
Copywriter, 24

Buenos Aires

Mario Peñalosa
Art Director, 24


Gable Mansfield
Art Director, 26


Brad Kelley
Designer, 22


David Sanchez
Copywriter, 29


Tim Vischer
Photographer/Art Director, 24


Jay Daniells
Art Director/Designer, 21

Los Angeles

D. Jones
Copywriter, 29


Anxo Lopez Gonzalez
Copywriter, 31


Arshi Sayed
Designer, 21

New York

Kushal Birari
Art Director, 26


Justin Borromei
Art Director, 21

San Francisco

Caden Wright
Art Director, 26

Sao Paulo

Ian Hartz
Art Director, 29


Wuqi Jin
Art Director, 27



Kevin Krooks
Art Director, 25



Portfolio Night 15 is already in preparations for next May. To help bring Portfolio Night to your city, please contact Tony Gulisano at


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