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2022 ADC Awards - Illustration

Two Stories

Agency Lulu

Client Self-promotion


Personal / Unpublished / Passion Project / Series

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Two Stories: The Man and The Raven and The Invisible Woman is a graphic novel with two fictional thriller stories of the memories of a trip of the couple, Geoff and Mary, from each point of view.

In Geoff's story, he hurt a raven and suspects that Mary is possessed by the raven and disappeared. In Mary's story, she became invisible several times because of Geoff's negligence and finally left. These two comics are bound as two books facing each other. Readers can read Mary's story with a 180° rotation after reading Geoff’s story.

The inspiration came from my previous relationship which I found two individuals may have opposite understandings of each other. I tried to blur and break the boundaries between virtual and reality such as dreams and imaginations… Audiences won’t be sure whether the stories came from two lovers until almost finished reading because Mary’s looking and sequences of events are different in both stories.

I hope this graphic novel can provide the audience with an interesting reading experience and arouse their reflection and resonance about intimate relationships.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor



Lulu Yo

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