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2023 ADC Awards - Advertising

Adopt a Mod

Agency Havas Play / Puteaux

Client La SPA


Direct / Wildcard

Annual ID


About the Work

Every year in France, 15.000 cats are abandoned and struggle to survive. Stray, the most popular video game of 2022, starified one of them, a one-of-a-kind stray cat living an extraordinary adventure full of happy moments… But unrealistic. La SPA, the main French animal protection NGO, is used to alerting public opinion, and always does so on a large scale via TV and poster campaigns. But not this time. The NGO had to modify the gameplay of Stray to depict what stray cats truly goes through and introduced #AdoptAMod, the first mods making gamers play the real life of stray cats. La SPA first recreated 3D models of abandoned cats waiting for adoption and made them playable to showcase in-game what they endure in real life. Then alternative stray heroes were sent to streamers who exposed the suffering of these stray animals. And finally casual players started to download the mods and experiment this gameplay, making the public aware about these cats’ terrible conditions. The modelized cats got adopted in 24 hours and their story helped all the other ones. Even the game creators noticed the campaign and La SPA is now discussing to add more real stray cats in the game because their virtual hero could highlight other real heroes to adopt.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3

Merit Honor



Havas Play / Puteaux

Chief Creative Officer

Fabrice Plazolles

Project Manager

Thibaud Gounod

Brand Director

Ugo Medioni

Communication manager

Marie Basset-Chercot

Community Manager

Kevin Douangsavath

Head of Gaming & eSport

Pierre Acuña

Marketing director

Elise Loquetor

PR Director

Audelia Leloup

PR Officer Junior

Celine Tran


Stéphane Guerry

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