Rémy Clemente

Founder & Creative Director

Bonsoir Paris (YÉ)


Passionated with geometry and new technologies, Rémy Clémente graduated from the renowned parisian school of arts, Duperré in 2010, after a scientific background. He has a specialisation in visual communication within fashion and space design.

Shortly after graduating, Rémy founded Bonsoir Paris with friend and fellow Duperré graduate Morgan Maccari.

The duo were joined by managing director and photographer Ben Sandler in 2012. Today, the team includes art directors, architects, designers, programmers, creative technologists, engineers, and producers throughout Europe and abroad.

The agency bases their work on a general curiosity and a strive to make the impossible seem logical. Working at the intersections of art, science, design and technology, the approach is defined by experimentation and cutting-edge innovation.

Combining original thinking with rigorous technical expertise, they work across spatial and object design, photography, filmmaking, live spectacles and consultancy in order to create unexpected and captivating solutions.

Bonsoir Paris organise their workflow within three different departments: design (object/ space), image (photo/ video) and new technologies in order break down every project and find an adapted approach.

The client list includes fashion and lifestyle brands such as Hermès, Sonia Rykiel, Nike and Dior… as well as artistes like Rihanna and media & production companies.




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