Deb Morrison

Carolyn Chambers Distinguished Professor of Advertising University of Oregon

University of Oregon


Deb Morrison teaches creativity and content, and believes strong university programs should uphold the promise of developing intellect and talent for the idea industry. Her books include, with Glenn Griffin, The Creative Process Illustrated: How Advertising's Big Ideas are Born (2010) and Idea Industry: How to Crack the Advertising Career Code with Brett Robbs (2009). Morrison is a two-time winner of the Oregon Marshall Award for Innovative Teaching, named a Grandmaster of The Art Directors Club in New York, and served on the board of The One Club for Art + Copy for two terms, the only educator to do so. She believes brave and generous thinking will save the world, and uses that as guiding concept for developing talent for the best agencies in the world. Current projects include Science & Memory, telling stories about complex issues of climate change; and EPOCH, building international community for next-era creative professionals to work on climate realities.




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