Experiential Design

Alexander Us

Cofounder and Creative Director

Sila Sveta


Alexander is a cofounder and creative director of Sila Sveta – multimedia production studio – which translates as «Power of Light». Self-taught and decidedly self-motivated Alexander and Alexey Rozov founded the company in 2008 with the idea, as Alexander Us explains, «to create astonishing things which make people a little bit happier». As for now Sila Sveta is one of the largest multimedia studios in the world that counts more than 80 employees with two offices in Moscow and New York. «We grew up in residential neighborhoods, surrounded by high rise blocks. They are all a horrible grey color and since childhood we dreamt of turning them into canvases for painting. What a joy it was to light up one of those with a slide projector. That was the beginning of it all». Since the beginning Alexander is the lead creative force behind the studio and the author of its most well-known projects from high profile presentations to touring stadium performances.




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