Cássio Vasconcellos


São Paulo

Cássio Campos Vasconcellos (São Paulo, SP, Brazil, 1965) – Photographer since 1981. Vasconcellos has had his images exhibited over 200 times in twenty countries. His series “Nocturnes São Paulo” can be admired along with today’s renowned professionals in the craft in the pages of “The World Atlas of Street Photography” (Thames & Hudson, England / Yale University Press, USA, 2014).

Some of his recent exhibitions are “Past/Future/Present: Contemporary Brazilian Art from the Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo”, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona; “Collectives”, Today Art Museum (TAM), Beijing (2013) and “Itinerant Languages of Photography”, Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, New Jersey (2013).

The photographer has seven books published: Abre-Alas (2018), Brasil Visto do Céu (2017), Aeroporto (2015), Aéreas do Brasil (2014) Panorâmicas (2012), Aéreas (2010) and Noturnos São Paulo (2002).




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