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2022 One Show - Design

Rio Carnaval - Logo

Agency Tátil Design

Client Rio Carnaval


Branding / Logo

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About the Work

We accept the unique and irresistible invitation to develop a Branding project for the Carnival of the samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. The challenge was in the search for an icon that could represent the "greatest show on earth", found - after more than 7,000 interviews with people from the community itself - in the flag, which synthesizes the soul of samba schools. Her fluid and rhythmic movements during the show were our great inspiration. The flag like a brush, draws the brand typography. With the flag movement as a starting point, we understood that the Rio Carnaval brand had to samba! We brought together incredible talents and after a lot of experimentation, we developed a brand that was alive and responsive to the sound of the snare drum and the tambourine, through a complex programming capable of generating infinite variations of the identity, welcoming the colors of each school individually and collectively in a great chromatic explosion. . Sapucaí Carnival has been going on for many years and one of the intentions in creating a brand for this great event was to increase the reach of this cultural movement so rich for our country, opening space, increasingly, for a global reverberation. We aimed to develop a powerful, contemporary identity that, above all, would reveal the strength of the samba community. They are the soul and body of Carnival. It was very important throughout the entire process to develop “with” them and not “for” them. We sought a brand that represented everyone collectively, its contagious energy, its ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. But we also wanted each school, each member to feel represented. That's why the brand wears the colors of each school and evolves in movements that accompany the samba turns of each drum set!

2022 Awards

Total Points: 45



Tátil Design

Type Foundry

Plau Design

Chief Creative Officer

Fred Gelli

Creative Director

Alice Gelli
Ricardo Bezerra


Cindy Richa

Creative Assistance

André Rodrigues

Creative Coding

André Burnier

Motion Capture & VFX

Marlus Araújo

Proof reader

Ana Mendes
Tania Belarmino

Video edition & sound branding



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