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2022 One Show - Design


Agency This is Pacifica / Matosinhos + Stream and Tough Guy / Lisboa

Client Azgard 9


Innovation & Transformation / Innovation in Design

Annual ID


About the Work

CO2AT is the first garment that absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, besides having other unique features: anti-bacterial, anti-odor, anti-viral, water-resistant and repellent. 200 units were produced and sent to major fashion brands, in a simulation of what a garment from their Fall/Winter 2043 collection could look like. The aim was to show big fashion retailers that a future with truly green solutions is already possible. From thread to garment, CO2AT was created in partnership with the London-based multidisciplinary research laboratory Post Carbon Lab. CO2AT is a living, breathing being that behaves like a plant. Its hood is treated with microbial pigmentation using photosynthetic microorganisms that absorb CO2 and release oxygen, neutralizing the impact of its production, improving the user’s immediate environment, and producing approximately the same amount of O2 as an oak tree. With proper maintenance, CO2AT is capable of producing oxygen for four years, after which it can be sent back to the laboratory so that the algae organisms are reactivated. In the first 7 months, the 200 CO2ATs produced, have transformed a total of 204 kg of CO2 into O2. That’s 24.815 smartphones charged, 825 km driven by an average passenger vehicle 8.3 propane cylinders used for barbecues, 90 liters of gasoline consumed.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 45



Stream and Tough Guy / Lisboa

Design Firm

This is Pacifica / Matosinhos


Anton Kalinin

Creative Director

Filipe Mesquita
Miguel Durão

Creative Technologist

Dian-Jen Lin


Ana Fernandes

Product Manager

Bernardo Lago Cruz

Sound Designer

Nuno Craveiro

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