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Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist

Hometown: Junín, Argentina
Current City: Brooklyn, NY

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Marte (Martina Galarza) is a graphic designer and lettering artist originally from Junin, Argentina, and currently based in New York.

Vibrant and playful, her work is led by the desire to capture the energy from her 90’s childhood, submerged in cartoons, graffiti, candy, MTV and hints of psychedelia. This results in a fresh graphic style, blending sweet nostalgia and contemporary cool with dazzling color palettes.

From music posters to movie titles, her art has attracted a list of impressive clients, including artists like Paul McCartney, Lizzo and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and brands like Adobe, Nickelodeon, Disney and YouTube. In 2023 she was recognized as an Ascender by the Type Directors Club.

Free, rhythmic, unvarnished and skillfully crafted, Marte’s portfolio proudly stands as the result of a dedicated, self-taught artist with a passion for the hand-drawn and a belief in the tangible beauty of imperfection.

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