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Faire Type

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Faire Type

Type Foundry

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY & Lyon
Current City: Brooklyn, NY

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Faire Type is a new Brooklyn-based type foundry working at the intersection of graphic design and type design. Launched in 2023 by American designer, Sabrina Nacmias and French designer, Maxime Gau, Faire Type is the result of a decade-long partnership and shared love of letterforms. Sabrina and Maxime started their careers in the collaborative and fast-paced world of branding and graphic design, and now use that experience to create typefaces that are well-suited to contemporary design projects. Built on the foundations of historical knowledge, formal exploration and precise technical execution, Faire Type typefaces are made to stand out while being versatile and easy to use. In addition to their retail font catalog, Faire Type also partners with agencies, studios, designers and brands to design custom fonts, logotypes, symbols and iconography systems.

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