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The Young Ones competition is one of the most acclaimed advertising, interactive and design student competitions. It has a tradition of excellence dating back to 1986.

2022 Young Ones - Young Ones ADC


School Berghs School of Communication / Stockholm

Client Budweiser


Integrated / Branding Campaign

Annual ID



There are more than 32 million facial hair-wearing beer drinkers in the U.S. - most belonging to a younger age group - and they’re wasting about 75 million pints of beer every year. This is because a portion, about 1%, of the beer gets stuck in their mustaches, only to evaporate into thin air.

This waste is a problem both for the environment, and for our consumers’ wallets, which is why we invented the Budcut. A style of mustache, optimized for minimal beer waste.

We placed our innovation - a template for shaving a perfect Budcut - on our bottles and coasters, in order to be as close as possible to our target audience, whether they’re in a bar or at a party. In addition to the templates, we opened up Bar-beer-shops at multiple locations, so that folks can get their Budcut professionally done.

The Budcut - Minimal beer loss, maximum style.
Cheers bud!

2022 Awards

Total Points: 7

Student Silver Cube


College / University

Berghs School of Communication / Stockholm
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