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2022 Young Ones - Young Ones One Show


School Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) at The City College of New York / New York

Client DoorDash


Brief: DoorDash

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The brief was clear: DoorDash is looking for bold, creative ideas to help drive sign-ups and buzz for the company's DashPass monthly subscriptions, which bags free shipping. To see how we might sweeten the deal for consumers, we researched how DoorDash became the leading food delivery app. We found it was the most focused on constant improvement by having all DoorDash employees actually go out and make deliveries every month.

We then dove into the leading consumer trends for 2022 and discovered people want companies not just to talk about being good corporate citizens, but to show it. Consumers "have moved beyond simply wanting brands to 'be ethical' and are demanding to see measurable, transparent, and consistent actions," according to the Global Consumer Trends for 2022 report by Mintel.

Because the company has an ongoing PR problem around its tipping policies, we look for a way the company could show real and compelling concern for its delivery workers.

We hit upon an urgent issue -- few delivery people in NYC have medical insurance though they brave the city's famously mean streets, mostly on two-wheels.

This led us to the concept of DashPassProtect, where the company partners with its DashPass subscribers to finance an accident insurance program free to delivery people. DoorDash itself would pay the bulk of the cost, but if 10-percent of a DashPass subscription went to this cause, it could be a team effort.

Our research showed nobody delivers exclusively for DoorDash, so we made DashPassProtect available to any food delivery person. This establishes DoorDash as not only the leading app but the most compassionate in the market. DashPassProtect could make a real difference – and give customers a way to be virtuous, themselves, by signing up for DashPass.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 7

Student Silver Pencil


Art Director

Sabrina Khan


Andrew Page

College / University

Branding + Integrated Communications (BIC) at The City College of New York / New York
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