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The Young Ones competition is one of the most acclaimed advertising, interactive and design student competitions. It has a tradition of excellence dating back to 1986.

2023 Young Ones - Young Ones One Show


School Openlearn Academy / New York

Client Verizon


Brief: Verizon / Integrated

Annual ID



Verizon has taken a firm stand against climate change and aims to tackle the issue of E-Waste, which contributes to environmental pollution with harmful chemicals. As the leading carrier network in the United States, they have decided to take action against the dumping of 50 million tons of old cable chargers. To address this issue, Verizon has developed a new range of smart accessories crafted from recycled cables, aiming to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3

Student Bronze Pencil


College / University

Openlearn Academy / New York
Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Professor / Instructor

Sungkwon Ha
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