2018 Young Ones ADC Category Jury

Ryan Swanson

Founder and CEO

The Urban Conga


Ryan is the founder and CEO of The Urban Conga, an international award winning design firm that promotes community activity and social interaction through play. They achieve this by creating interactive installations and environments that spark creativity, exploration, and free-choice learning into spaces. Ryan's broad range in skills from having a masters degree in architecture to being able to digitally fabricate his creations has allowed him to create a firm that produces a unique, wide range of work that has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Geekwire, Huffington post, PBS, The Atlantic, and more.

In addition to his firm's work, he is currently working with the British Council as part of a cohort of creative producers from around the world to develop what it means to live in a "Playable City" and how we can benefit from its ideologies. Also, he is a visiting professor working with students at The University of South Florida School of Architecture and Community Design to help develop data around urban interventions and their effects within the public realm.




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