National Board of Directors

Fernando Machado

Chief Marketing Officer
Activision Blizzard

Fernando is a global marketer with a passion for growing brands and businesses. He is known in the industry for pushing the creative boundaries to drive business growth.

Formerly as Global CMO at Burger King, Fernando's focus was infusing the brand with purpose, modernizing the design, and inspiring the organization around brand development. Under his leadership, BK became Client of the Year at the D&AD in 2016 and Creative Marketer of the Year in Cannes 2017. Fernando led campaigns such as "Proud Whopper", "McWhopper", "Google Home of the Whopper", "Burning Stores", "Bullying Jr" and "Whopper Neutrality".

Prior to BK, Fernando worked for 18 years at Unilever. Starting as an intern, he moved up the ranks working different brands, including Dove where he led the groundbreaking "Beauty Sketches" (Titanium GP in 2013). Fernando was recognized by Adweek as Grand Brand Genius (2013), by the AD Club of NY as Marketer of the Year (2017), by Business Insider as top 5 most innovative CMOs (2017) and by AdAge as top 50 most creative people in the business (2017).




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