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The One Club for Creativity's Young Ones Student Awards has long been a golden opportunity for talented creative students to get noticed as they prepare to graduate and enter our crazy industry. Whether they take on the creative challenge of the Young Ones Brief competition, strut their stuff across a whole host of creative disciplines in Young Ones ADC, or see how their books hold up to professional scrutiny in Young Ones Portfolio, winning at Young Ones is a huge leg up for students when they need it most.

Some students are fortunate enough to have their schools cover Young Ones' entry fees, allowing them to focus solely on the quality of their submissions. For other students, however, those fees come right out of their own pockets, and after a tumultuous 2020, even reduced fees are giving them pause when it comes to submitting their creative work.

To help these students, we're pleased to introduce The Big Giveback, where agencies and studios can support the next generation of creatives by helping to alleviate their submission fees.

The Big Giveback is simple: for each contribution of $50.00 USD from you or your company, The One Club for Creativity will waive the submission fee of not one but two qualifying students, allowing them to enter Young Ones without any additional financial burden. The more you contribute, the more future copywriters, art directors, designers, illustrators, animators, photographers, and other young creatives can enter!

We're optimistic about what 2021 has to offer for our creative community. With The Big Giveback and your help, more young talent can share in that optimism.




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