Mentor & Creative Spring 2023 will run between March 6 and April 14, 2023.

Mentor & Creative is a free virtual program connecting our Corporate Members to our diverse group of Young Ones winners and Student Members. Our Corporate Members lead these talented upstarts on a 6-week long adventure tackling briefs teaching them the ropes as they make their way into this exhilarating yet challenging industry.

Participants in this program are placed in one of the following programs; a brief provided by the hosting agency, a brief provided by The One Club that the hosting agency will work with you on and/or a curriculum created by the hosting agency not involving a brief. Additionally, they receive career advice, portfolio reviews, and learn how to pitch their work. 

Please note that space is very limited. Not everyone applying to this program will be selected. We are seeking seniors in university and recent graduates. Those selected for the program should expect to meet weekly for one hour and spend about 4-5 additional hours working outside of the meeting.


2023 Mentors


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Featuring Our Past Mentors & Creatives

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