A Statement of AAPI Support From The One Club for Creativity

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Mar 19, 2021

The following statement is from the Staff at The One Club for Creativity:

Over the past year, the Asian community has experienced increasing levels of discrimination, racism, hostility, violence, and even murder, both here in the United States and abroad.

From insensitive "jokes" surrounding the ongoing pandemic to assaults in the streets of our cities and towns. From explosive national news items to daily indignities that barely register in the press, THIS. MUST. NOT. STAND.

As a voice in the global creative community, The One Club For Creativity strongly condemns the words and actions that have left our Asian and Pacific Islander friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and strangers feeling less than welcome, less than safe, less than human. We condemn the xenophobia that even further marginalizes Asian women, Asians within the LGBTQ+ community, the poor, and the elderly. And we condemn the people, the powers, and the platforms that seek to minimize and downplay the conversation.

Condemnation is important, but action must also be taken to educate others and push back against these injustices. To this end, The One Club for Creativity will be making a financial donation to Stop AAPI Hate. Furthermore, we aim to use our pulpit within our sphere to champion Asian creatives and their countless contributions to our industry and our lives.

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