Denver Awards Trophy

Denver 2020 Trophy

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2020 One Club Awards Denver Trophy


Congratulations on being selected as a winner in the 2020 One Club Awards Denver Virtual Show! With reduced entry fees and other contributing factors, we regret that we are unable to provide the trophies for free to winners this year. However, our trophy fabricator, J.W. Reffels Metal Foundry An Origin Company, would like to continue to support the creative community by offering the trophies at a significantly reduced cost. If you are interested in purchasing your trophy, which we sincerely hope you are, please select the number of trophies you would like to order. Please note that this is for ONE trophy PER winning entry. Once we receive your trophy order, our team will confirm with you the number of trophies and your winning entries. If you would like to purchase duplicate trophies, or if you have any questions, please email us at
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