Introducing the One Club COVID-19 Jobs Board

on May 01, 2020

An ongoing collection of industry positions during these uncertain times.

It's never easy to find your space in the advertising industry, and in the middle of global pandemic, it likely seems downright impossible. The One Club for Creativity is doing our small part by introducing the COVID-19 Jobs Board. We reached out to the many advertising agencies and other companies in our network and offered to post any positions they may have and share them with the world, all free of charge. We've then compiled their responses into what we hope will be a valuable resource to the industry that we love.

The positions listed here cover all levels of experience, and include both immediate openings, as well as opportunities for when we come out of the other side of this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. We invite you to bookmark this page, as new positions will be added throughout the duration of this pandemic.

Does your company have a position that needs filling? Click below to be added to this list.






Senior Revenue Growth Strategist (Mid-Level) — Remote




Account Supervisor (Senior) — Atlanta, GA

Content Copywriter (Mid-Level) — Atlanta, GA

Associate Communications Strategist (Junior) — Atlanta, GA

Junior Copywriter (Junior) — Atlanta, GA

Recruiter (Junior) — Atlanta, GA

Senior Content Producer (Senior) — Atlanta, GA

Senior Art Director (Senior) — Atlanta, GA



Associate Marketing Manager (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Associate Presentation Designer (Associate) — New York, NY


Abelson Taylor

Media Planner (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL

Marketing Intelligence Associate (Junior) — Chicago, IL

Payroll and Benefits Specialist (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL


Adrenaline Agency

Strategist (Mid-Level) — Atlanta, GA

Designer (Junior) — Atlanta, GA

Senior Designer (Senior) — Atlanta, GA


Agência Ginga

Estrategista Senior (Senior) — São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil



Art Director - Interactive (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

Senior Interactive Designer (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

Senior Art Director (Senior) — London, UK

Senior Creative Copywriter (Senior) — London, UK

Product Designer (Mid-Level) — Amsterdam, Netherlands



Account Supervisor (Mid-Level) — Atlanta, GA

Full Stack Developer (Senior) — Atlanta, GA

Senior Designer (Senior) — Atlanta, GA



Creative Director, Content (Senior) — New York, NY


Anheuser Busch

Copywriter (Mid-Level) — New York, NY



Design Producer (Mid-Level) — Cupertino, CA


Area 23

Senior Art Director/Oncology (Senior) — New York, NY

Copywriter (Junior) — New York, NY



Freelance Senior Brand Manager (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

Freelance Senior Communications Strategist (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA


Atlantic 57

Visual Design Lead (Mid-Level) — Anywhere

Marketing Designer (Junior) — Anywhere, US


Bakery Agency

Art Director (Senior) — Austin, TX

Account Manager (Mid-Level) — Austin, TX

Group Account Director (Senior) — Austin, TX

Data Scientist (Senior) — Austin, TX



Creative Director (Art) (Director) — Kansas City, MO

Associate Creative Director - Copy (Senior) — Kansas City, MO

Brand Supervisor (Account Management) (Senior) — Kansas City, MO


BCG Digital Ventures

Lead Experience Designer (Executive) — Sydney, Australia


BETC Paris

Stage - Assistant Digital Producer H/F (Entry Level) — Paris, France

CDI - Chef de Publicité Senior (Senior) — Paris, France

Stage - Trafic Création H/F (Entry Level) — Paris, France



Graphic Designer (Mid-Level) — Remote (US-based)

Graphic Designer (Mid-Level) — Remote (South Africa based)



Copy Supervisor (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Copywriter (Junior) — New York, NY

Group Copy Supervisor (Senior) — New York, NY


BioPharm Communications

Analyst/Sr Analyst - Data Engineering (Mid-Level) — New Hope, PA

Analyst/Sr Analyst - Data Science (Mid-Level) — New Hope, PA

Associate Account Executive (Junior) — New Hope, PA


Birdsall, Voss & Associates

Marketing Automation Supervisor (Mid-Level) — Milwaukee, WI

Associate Media Director (Senior) — Milwaukee, WI



Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Senior Creative Team (Mid-Level) — Sausalito, CA 

Senior Brand Strategist (Mid-Level) — Sausalito, CA



Social Media Consultant (Mid-Level) — Paris, France


BX Design Group

Designer Internship (Intern) — New York, NY 



Copywriter (Junior to Mid-Level) — Austin, TX


Camp + King

Brand Supervisor (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL

Associate Engagement + Analytics Manager (Junior) — Chicago, IL


Campbell Ewald

Temporary Paid Search Analysts (Mid-Level) — Los Angeles, CA

Media Planner (Mid-Level) — Los Angeles, CA

Associate Media Director (Freelance) — Los Angeles, CA

Senior Account Supervisor (Senior) — Detroit, MI

Social Strategist (Mid-Level) — Detroit, MI

Director Brand & Integrated Strategy (Senior) — Detroit, MI


Carmichael Lynch

Analytics Strategist (Mid-Level) — Minneapolis, MN

Media Supervisor (Senior) — Minneapolis, MN


Cashmere Agency

Community Manager (Junior) — Los Angeles, CA

Influencer Marketing Manager (Mid-Level) — Los Angeles, CA



Digital Manager (Mid-Level) — Barcelona, Spain

Freelance Account Supervisor (Mid-Level) — Princeton, NJ



UI Designer (Mid-Level) — Hyderabad, India


Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Director, Design and UX Research, Science (Senior) — Redwood City, CA

Social Media Manager (Mid-Level) — Redwood City, CA


Charlotte's Web CBD

Graphic (Packaging) Designer (Senior) — Boulder, CO



Copywriter, Art Director & Designer (Part-Time) (Freelance) — Los Angeles



Media Planner (Mid-Level) — San Diego, CA

Media Planner (Junior) — San Diego, CA


The Clan

Back-End Developer (Mid-Level) — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Copywriter (Mid-Level) — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


CMI Media

Media Planner (Junior) — Philadelphia, PA / King of Prussia, PA / Cherry Hill, NJ / Parsippany, NJ / New York, NY / Cary, NC

Supervisor, Media (Mid-Level) — Philadelphia, PA / Costa Mesa, CA / New York, NY / Parsippany, NJ / Cary, NC


CNN Digital

Senior Motion Designer (Senior) — Atlanta, GA


Code and Theory

Associate Director, Research (Senior) — New York, NY

Associate Creative Strategy Director, Product (Senior) — New York, NY

Producer, Mobile Product (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Senior Producer (Senior) — San Francisco, CA


Colle McVoy

Digital Investments Strategist (Mid-Level) — Minneapolis, MN

Senior Media Investments Buyer (Senior) — Minneapolis, MN



Business Director (Senior) — New York, NY

Strategy Director (Senior) — New York, NY


Crate and Barrel

SEO Analyst (Senior) — Northbrook, IL 



User Acquisition Manager (Mid-Level) — New York, NY



Analista de MKT Junior (Junior) — São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil



Creative Team (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

Creative Intern (Intern) — San Francisco, CA

Account Director (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

Senior Brand Strategist (Senior) — San Francisco, CA

Designer (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

Art Director (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL

Copywriter (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL

Copywriter (Senior) — Chicago, IL

Group Creative Director (Art) (Executive) — Chicago, IL


DDB Health

VP, Account Supervisor (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Account Executive (Senior) — New York, NY

SVP, Management Supervisor (Senior) — New York, NY



Paid Social Assistant (Junior) — New York, NY

SVP Group Account Director (Executive) — Los Angeles, CA



Vice President/Account Director (Senior) — Chicago, IL

Technical Manager (Senior) — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Senior Systems Engineer (Senior) — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Programmatic Supervisor (Senior) — London, UK

Lead Data Scientist (Senior) — New York, NY

On-Site Freelance Lead Experience Designer (Senior) — San Francisco, CA


Donate Attention

Creative Copywriter (Part-Time Freelance) — Remote / Los Angeles



Project Management Intern (Intern) — Detroit, MI

Mailroom Clerk (Intern) — Detroit, MI

Brand Leadership (Intern) — Detroit, MI

Copywriter Intern (Intern) — Detroit, MI

Project Manager (Manager) — Detroit, MI

SVP, Brand Strategist (Mid-Level) — Detroit, MI

Freelance Account Management (Freelance) — Detroit, MI

Art Director Intern (Intern) — Detroit, MI

Presentation Designer - New Business Development (Junior) — Detroit, MI

Freelance Assistant Editor (Freelance) — Detroit, MI

Post Production Intern - Summer 2020 (Intern) — Detroit, MI

Senior Brand Strategist (Senior) — Detroit, MI

Strategy Intern (Intern) — Detroit, MI

Brand Leader (Mid-Level) — Los Angeles, CA



Gerente de Planejamento (Mid-Level) — São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


DRK Beauty

Marketing/Social Media Intern (Intern) —New York, NY/Remote 



Communications Strategist (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Account Manager (Junior) — New York, NY

Communications Strategy Group Director (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Project Manager (Senior) — New York, NY

Communications Strategist (Mid-Level) — New York, NY


Duncan Channon

Paid Social Media Manager (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

Client Finance Manager (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA



Freela de Planejamento (Freelance) — São Paulo, Brazil


Electronic Arts

Director, Marketing & Communications Strategy (Senior) — Redwood City, CA


EMC Design

Graphic Designer (Mid-Level) — Remote, but after lock-down Oakley Bedfordshire UK


Entree Health

Account Supervisor (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Senior Art Director (Senior) — New York, NY

Copywriter (Junior) — New York, NY

Senior Art Director (Senior) — New York, NY

Freelance Medical Copy Editor (Senior) — Boston, MA

Account Executive (Junior) — Princeton, NJ

Project Coordinator (Junior) — Princeton, NJ



Account Manager (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Senior Account Manager (Senior) — New York, NY

Proofreader (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Senior Marketing Data Analyst (Senior) — New York, NY

Data Intelligence Engineer (Junior) — New York, NY

Back End Developer (Mid-Level) — New York, NY


Eventive Marketing

Account Executive (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Revenue Manager (Mid-Level) — New York, NY



Studio Lead (Photo & Video) (Mid-Level) — Sumner, WA



UX Designer (Intern) — Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Fact & Fiction

Copywriter (Mid-Level) — Boulder, CO



Financial Analyst (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL

Senior Strategic Planner (Senior) — Chicago, IL

Associate Creative Director (Junior) — Chicago, IL

Digital Creative Director/Copy (Junior) — Chicago, IL

Senior Digital Art Director (Senior) — Chicago, IL

Project Manager (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL

Social Manager (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL

Account Executive (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL

UX Architect (Junior) — Chicago, IL

Assistant Account Executive (Junior) — Chicago, IL

Designer (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Junior Art Director (Junior) — New York, NY

Junior Copywriter (Junior) — New York, NY

Designer Internship (Intern) — New York, NY

New Business Internship (Intern) — New York, NY

Broadcast Production Internship (Intern) — New York, NY

Integrated Producer  (Junior) — New York, NY

Designer/BX (Branding) (Junior) — New York, NY

Associate integrated Producer (Junior) — Parsippany, NJ


FCB Health

Junior Copywriter (Junior) — New York, NY

Copy Supervisor (Derm) (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Senior Account Executive (Mid-Level) — New York, NY



Creative Resource Manager (Senior) — New York, NY

SVP, Strategic Planner (Senior) — Parsippany, NJ

Developer (Mid-Level) — Parsippany, NJ


Flying Saucer Studio

Digital Marketing Strategist (Mid-Level) — Remote


Fingerpaint Marketing

Project Manager (Mid-Level) — Phoenix, AZ

Project Manager (Mid-Level) — Cedar Knolls, NJ

Project Management Coordinator (Junior) — Cedar Knolls, NJ

VP, Account Service (Senior) — Cedar Knolls, NJ

Account Director (Senior) — Cedar Knolls, NJ

Account Supervisor (Mid-Level) — Cedar Knolls, NJ

Account Executive (Junior) — Cedar Knolls, NJ

Digital Producer (Mid-Level) — Cedar Knolls, NJ

Digital Producer (Mid-Level) — Cedar Knolls, NJ

Associate Director, Project Management (Senior) — Conshohocken, PA

Project Manager (Mid-Level) — Conshohocken, PA

Lead Recruiter (Senior) — Conshohocken, PA

VP, Account Service (Senior) — Conshohocken, PA

Account Supervisor (Mid-Level) — Conshohocken, PA

Account Director (Senior) — Conshohocken, PA

Senior Account Executive (Mid-Level) — Conshohocken, PA

Senior Copywriter (Senior) — Conshohocken, PA

Senior Art Director (Mid-Level) — Conshohocken, PA

Ad Operations Manager (Mid-Level) — Conshohocken, PA

Media Planner (Mid-Level) — Conshohocken, PA

Media Planner (Mid-Level) — Conshohocken, PA



Copy Manager, Email Campaigns (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA



Associate Media Planner (Associate) — Atlanta, GA


Founders Factory

Digital Product Designer (Mid-Level) — London, UK



Director of Marketing (Senior) — Miami, FL

Graphic Designer (Senior) — Miami, FL

Senior Creative Strategist (Senior) — Miami, FL



Art Director (Junior) — New York, NY

Senior Art Director (Senior) — New York, NY


Gold Front

Senior Copywriter (Freelance) — San Francisco, CA


Good Apple

Programmatic Media Manager (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Social Strategist (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Paid Search Supervisor (Mid-Level) — New York, NY



Multidisciplinary Creative, Brand Studio (Mid-Level) — London, UK

Visual Designer (Mid-Level) — London, UK

Creative Operations Manager (Mid-Level) — London, UK



Account Supervisor, DTC (Pharmaceutical) (Senior) — New York, NY

Junior Copywriter (Pharmaceutical) (Junior) — New York, NY

Medical Editor (Pharmaceutical) (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Junior Art Director (Pharmaceutical) (Junior) — New York, NY

Account Executive-DTC (Junior) — New York, NY



Freelance Opportunities (Freelance) — San Diego, CA

Agency Intern (Intern) — San Diego, CA

Designer (Mid-Level) — San Diego, CA



Creative Director (Mid-Level) — Norfolk, VA

Copywriter (Mid-Level) — Norfolk, VA

Strategist (Mid-Level) — Norfolk, VA

Client Engagement Lead (Mid-Level) — Norfolk, VA

Senior Motion Designer (Senior) — Norfolk, VA

Film and Content Lead (Senior) — Norfolk, VA



UX/UI Digital Art Director (Mid-Level) — Detroit, MI


Harrison & Star

Senior Editor (Senior) — New York, NY

VP, Group Account Supervisor (Senior) — New York, NY

Associate Project Manager (Junior) — New York, NY

VP, Experience Planner (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Art Director (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Associate Art Director (Junior) — New York, NY

Art Supervisor (Senior) — New York, NY



Director of Business Affairs — Chicago, IL


Havas Health & You

VP, Account Supervisor (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Editor (Senior) — New York, NY

Account Supervisor (Senior) — New York, NY

SVP, Planner (Senior) — New York, NY

Project Manager (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Senior Copywriter (Senior) — New York, NY



Group Copy Supervisor (Senior — New York NY

Senior Editor (12-8 PM Shift) (Senior) — New York, NY


HM Capital

Content Writer (Freelance) — US Remote


Hudson Rouge

Senior Strategist (Senior) — New York, NY



Senior Copywriter (Integrated) (Senior) — Atlanta, GA

Senior Project Manager (Integrated) (Senior) — Atlanta, GA

Senior Interaction Designer (Senior) — Oakland, CA


Hylink Digital Solutions

Account Executive (Mid-Level) — Los Angeles, CA



Media & Marketing Analyst (Mid-Level) — Los Angeles, CA


The Integer Group

Strategy Director (Senior) — New York, NY



Brand Strategy Lead (Senior) — San Francisco, CA


Intouch Group

Senior Media Planner (Mid-Level) — Kansas City, MO

Media Director, Paid Search (Senior) — Kansas City, MO

Senior HCP Copywriter (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL



Senior Full Stack Developer (Senior) — Toronto, Canada

Front End Developer (Mid-Level) — Toronto, Canada

Associate Creative Director (Creative Director) — Los Angeles, CA

Senior Interactive Producer (Senior) — Los Angeles, CA

Senior Designer (Senior) — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior UX Designer (Senior) — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior Interactive Producer (Senior) — Amsterdam, Netherlands



Director of Marketing (Senior) — Seattle, WA


Johannes Leonardo

Senior Copywriter (Mid-Level) — New York, NY



Director of Programmatic (Senior) — Toronto, Canada


JUST Media

Creative Director (Senior) — Emeryville, CA


LEAP Agency

Multimedia Intern (Intern) — Cincinnati, OH

Software Engineer (Mid-Level) — Louisville, KY

SEO Specialist (Junior) — Louisville, KY

Freelance Sitefinity Developer (Junior) — Remote

Freelance Copywriter (Junior) — Remote


LeaseLabs by RealPage

Marketing Specialist (Junior) — San Diego, CA

Account Manager (Mid-Level) — San Diego, CA


Leighton Interactive

Art Director (Senior) St. Cloud, MN



Designer (Junior) — New York, NY

Producer (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Illustrator/Animator (Mid-Level) — New York, NY


Leo Burnett

Content Strategy Director (Senior) — Chicago, IL

2020 Egalite Summer Internship (Intern) — Chicago, IL

Account Executive (Mid-Level) — Detroit, MI


Lewis Communications

Senior Copywriter (Senior) — Mobile, Alabama


Little Red Robot

Art Director/Designer (Senior) — New York, NY

Creative Team (Freelance) — New York, NY


Lynn Hazan & Associates

Senior Medical Writer (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL


Majux Marketing

Legal Content Creator (Mid-Level) — Philadelphia, PA



Lead Product Designer (Senior) — New York, NY


McCann Health

Group Copy Supervisor (Senior)— New York, NY

Senior Art Director (Senior)— New York, NY


McCann Worldgroup

Senior Creative Director (Art-Based) (Senior) — Shanghai, China

Group Account Director (Beauty Team) (Senior) — Shanghai, China



Senior UX Copywriter (Senior) — New York, NY

Art Intern (Intern) — New York, NY

Account Management Intern (Intern) — New York, NY

Account Management Intern (Intern) — San Francisco, CA

Social Media Account Supervisor (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

Supervisor de Média (Mid-Level) — São Paulo, Brazil



Animator (Mid-Level) — Singapore


Meenakshi India LTD

Apparel Designer (Freelance) — Chennai, India



Digital Creative Director (Senior) — New York, NY

Project Manager (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Senior Recruiter (Senior) — New York, NY

Account Executive (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

HR/Operations Coordinator (Junior) — San Francisco, CA


MICA Consulting Group

Platform Media Manager (Junior) — Boston, MA



Motion Designer (Mid-Level) — San Diego, CA

Graphic Designer (Mid-Level) — San Diego, CA or Remote

Motion Graphic Designers (Any Level) — Remote

Social Media Manager (Mid-Level) — San Diego, CA


Mondo Robot

Senior QA Engineer (Senior) — Boulder, CO/Remote

Senior Engineer, Android (Senior) — Boulder, CO/Remote

Senior Product Manager (Senior) — Boulder, CO/Remote



Editor (Mid-Level) — San Francisco, CA

Associate Post Producer (Junior) — San Francisco, CA



Associate Creative Director, Art (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Graphic Designer (Mid-Level) — Dubai


Art Director (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Copywriter (Mid-Level) — New York, NY


MZN Management Group

C++ Software Engineer (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL



Senior Digital Designer (Senior) — Boulder, CO


The NORR Agency

Creative Intern (Intern) — Portland, OR

Production Manager (Mid-Level) — Portland, OR

Production Assistant (Mid-Level) — Portland, OR

Business Manager ( Partial CFO Role) — Portland, OR

Creative Operations Consultant (Senior) — Portland, OR

Production Assistant. / Project Manager (Mid-Level) — Portland, OR

Personal / Administrative Assistant (Junior) — Portland, OR

Financial Strategist (Part-Time) (Senior) — Remote

Production Coordinator (Junior) — Remote


Nu Skin

Director of Global Digital Marketing (Senior) — Salt Lake City, UT


Omnicom Health Group

Senior HRIS Specialist (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Presentation Specialist (Senior) — New York, NY

Financial Analyst (Junior) — New York, NY

Omnicom Health Group Financial Center

Assistant Controller (Senior) — Jersey City, NJ

Senior Accountant (Mid-Level) — Jersey City, NJ



Bilingual Copywriter (English/Spanish) (Mid-Level) — Los Angeles, CA


Park Hudson International

Senior Software Engineer (Senior) — Dallas, TX


Patients & Purpose

Copy Supervisor (Mid-Level) — New York, NY


Pétanque NXT Africa

Test Manager/Lead (Part-Time) (Senior) — Cape Town, South Africa


PJA Advertising + Marketing

Account Director (Senior) — Boston, MA



Operations Manager (Mid-Level) — Remote


Proximity BBDO

Senior Digital Global Account Director (Senior) — Dusseldorf, Germany

Senior Social Creative (Senior) — Dusseldorf, Germany

Account Manager (Mid-Level) — Dusseldorf, Germany

Senior Copywriter (Native English) (Senior) — Dusseldorf, Germany

Account Executive (Junior) — Dusseldorf, Germany


Purple Strategies

Presentation/Production Designer (Mid-Level) — Alexandria, VA and/or Chicago, IL


Quirk Creative

Business Development Director (Senior) — Brooklyn, NY



Digital Strategist / Account Manager (Mid-Level) — Chicago, IL



VP - Amazon (Senior) — New York, NY

VP - eCommerce (Senior) — New York, NY

Director, Amazon Advertising (Mid-Level) — New York, NY


Rosa Park

Strategic Planner (Junior) — Paris, France



Sales Manager, Agency Clients (Mid-Level) — New York, NY


Simplified Funding Solutions

Account Manager (Freelance) — Remote



Art Director (Senior) — Dubai, UAE

Creative Designer (Junior) — Dubai, UAE



Product Manager - Personalized Listening Response (Mid-Level) — Boston, MA

Account Manager (Mid-Level) — Dusseldorf, Germany

Product Manager - Personalization, Home Platform (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Product Manager (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

User Researcher (Junior) — New York, NY

Studios Marketing Lead (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Strategy & Operations Lead (Senior) — New York, NY

Traffic Manager (Mid-Level) — São Paulo, Brazil

Podcast Producer/Editor (Senior) Singapore

Senior Product Designer - Cross Platform Experiences (Senior) — Stockholm, Sweden

Engineering Manager - Client Platform (Senior) — Stockholm, Sweden

Data Engineer (Senior) — Stockholm, Sweden



Senior Art Director (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior UX Content Strategist (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Product Designer (Senior) — New York, NY

Product Marketing Coordinator (Junior) — New York, NY

Senior Product Manager (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Software Engineer (Senior) — New York, NY

UX Researcher (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Senior Product Designer (Senior) — New York, NY

Product Designer, Design Systems (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Art Director (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Copywriter (Senior) — Los Angeles

Senior Brand Designer (Senior) — Los Angeles


SSCG Media 

Digital Media Analyst (Junior) — New York, NY

Multichannel Media Coordinator (Junior) — New York, NY



Designer / Developer (Mid-Level) — Oakland, CA



Creative Project Manager (Mid-Level) — Minneapolis, MN



Senior Strategist (Senior) — New York, NY

Account Supervisor (Mid-Level) — New York, NY



Senior Account Executive (Senior) — Los Angeles



Associate Creative Director - Writer (Mid-Level) — Atlanta, GA

Account Service Intern (Intern) — Knoxville, TN

Senior Account Executive (Mid-Level) — Knoxville, TN

Art Director (Mid-Level) — Knoxville, TN

Associate Creative Director (Mid-Level) — Knoxville, TN

Strategy Director (Mid-Level) — Knoxville, TN

Digital Media Planner (Mid-Level) — Knoxville, TN

Designer (Mid-Level) — Knoxville, TN

Copywriter (Mid-Level) — Knoxville, TN



Art Director (Senior) — London, UK


University of Colorado Boulder

Media Design Instructor (Advanced Degree — Masters or PHD) — Boulder, CO

Media Design Scholar-in-Residence (Senior) — Boulder, CO

Media Design Instructor (Senior) — Boulder, CO


University of Northern Colorado

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design — Greely, CO



Senior Creative Team: Art Director / Copywriter (Senior) — New York, NY


VF Corporation

Vans Senior Director of Brand Environments (Senior) — Costa Mesa, CA

Vans Technical Designer (Senior) — Costa Mesa, CA

Intern, Design (Intern) Jersey City, NJ



Copywriter (Mid-Level) — Toronto, Canada



Post-Production Specialist — Motion Graphics and Art Direction (Freelance) — Remote



Strategy Director (Senior) — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Graphic Design Internship (Intern) — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior Communications Strategist (Mid-Level) Brooklyn, NY

Art Director (Senior) Brooklyn, NY

Copywriter (Senior) Brooklyn, NY

Business Development Director (Senior) Brooklyn, NY

Account Director (Senior) — London, UK

Group Creative Director (Executive) — Venice, CA

Senior Integrated Producer (Senior) — Venice, CA



Art Direction/Brand Strategist (Freelance) — Brussels, Belgium


Weber Shandwick

Vice President Client Experience Healthcare (Executive) — New York, Chicago or San 

Director, Media Relations Technology (Senior) — Seattle or San Francisco


What About Agency

Architect (Executive) — Berlin, Germany



Graphic Designer (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Group Copy Supervisor (Senior) — New York, NY



Project Manager (Junior) — Seattle, WA

Jr. Content Producer (Junior) — Seattle, WA

Jr. Designer (Junior) — Seattle, WA

VP Sr. Client Partner (Senior) — Houston, TX

CX Director (Senior) — Providence, RI

VP of CX (Senior) — Seattle, WA, New York, NY or Los Angeles, CA

Technical Director (Senior) — Los Angeles, CA or New York, NY



Amazon Marketplace Manager (Mid-Level) — Los Angeles, CA



Associate Product Marketing Manager (Mid-Level) — New York, NY

Director of Product Management (Senior) — New York, NY

Senior Product Manager (Senior) — New York, NY


Zulu Alpha Kilo

Art Director (Junior) — Toronto, Canada



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