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2022 San Diego Awards - Design

Walla - Identity

Agency Grizzly / San Diego

Client Walla


Branding / Identity System

Annual ID



We helped Walla, a groundbreaking new software built to help gym and studio owners manage their spaces, develop their new name, brand position, and visual identity. We started with a holistic approach, taking into account the increasingly competitive fitness technology category, the needs of gym owners and operators, and the communities they serve. What we learned was that studio owners often start their businesses as passion projects, but they can quickly become overwhelmed with the technology and tools that gym members look for. They were looking for support to help ease their tension and enable them to navigate the complex gymnastics of the fitness industry. To position the new brand as this much-needed partner, we named the startup Walla after the wallaby, an animal that carries their young in a pouch as they leap forward, much in the way that this product helps studios grow in leaps and bounds. We brought the animal’s unique physique to life with a custom W and wordmark that feel like they could spring off the page. We carried this kinetic energy through to the identity with clever messaging, vibrant colors, playful illustrations, spontaneous doodles, inclusive photography, and quirky, approachable typography. All of these elements came to life across various mediums from digital and social to OOH. After launching with their new brand identity Walla hit every fundraising goal it set, and maxed out new clients onboarded to the platform. By laying the foundation for Walla, we ensured they were well positioned to help studio owners and their businesses take a leap forward for years to come.

2022 Awards

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Silver Winner



Grizzly / San Diego
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