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2023 One Show - Design


Agency CHEP Network / Sydney + IKEA Australia

Client IKEA


Promotional / Physical Items

Annual ID


About the Work

IKEA’s loyalty program, IKEA Family, is free and easy to join, but with the proliferation of loyalty plays on offer from brands, IKEA Family was at risk of becoming another program filling up inboxes. To get IKEA Family back onto people’s radars, we needed something impossible to ignore. Our audience was twofold – the 250 most loyal (and valuable) IKEA Family members receiving the cards, and everyone else who we wanted to make feel very, very jealous. We used one of IKEA’s most beloved icons, Swedish Meatballs, to create a new icon that made loyalty program members feel like total ballers. Introducing, the most ultra-exclusive, highly-prestigious reward card the world has ever seen – The BallerCard by IKEA Family, a fully gold card unlocking an unrivalled culinary experience: a year’s supply of IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs (or veggie balls). Taking cues from the world of exclusive credit cards, every detail was designed to exude luxury and opulence. The fully gold card was cast in premium metal and completed with a bespoke logo depicting three overlapping meatballs topped with a tiny Swedish flag. During concepting the logo initially had just two meatballs, a third was added to avoid any legal action by a certain credit card company who has a similar, albeit meatball-free, logo… The BallerCard was packaged in a premium meatball-scented box that was also fully recyclable (to align with IKEA’s values). It was delivered to IKEA Family’s 250 most loyal members, with a personal note to each Baller. The results were pretty baller. $0 media spend, 4.1 million reach in earned media. 57% increase in store visits by Ballers. Retention rates of this audience grew 30 percentage points, to 87% from 57% retention rate. 204% search volume for ‘IKEA Family’ vs. previous year.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3




CHEP Network / Sydney

Client / Brand

IKEA Australia

Chief Creative Officer

Gavin McLeod

Creative Director

Fee Millist
Cass Jam

Executive Creative Director

Justin Ruben

Associate Creative Director

Kate Allan
Dane Van Veen

Senior Account Director

Claire Hawksford

Country Marketing Manager

Jessamine Avila

Customer Engagement & Loyalty Manager

Kirsten Hasler

General Manager, PR

Nick Zonnios

Group Account Director

Hannah Austin


Tim McPherson

Head of CHEP Films

Tash Johnson

IKEA Food Commercial Manager

Nicole Kurtz

Managing Partner

Mariana Rice

Senior Account Manager

Kate Power


Sarah Rogers

Sound engineer

Matt Thompson

Visual Arts Manager

Denis Bernar


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