Team One (Virtual) / March 5-12, 2021

Hosted by Team One

Team One will be sponsoring the first ever virtual Creative Boot Camp! This weeklong event will take place completely online from Friday, March 5th to Friday, March 12th. During the workshop, attendees will be broken into groups to work on a client brief and produce a full advertising campaign.

This Boot Camp is solely for Black students and recent graduates, but all genders, schools and areas of the US are encouraged to apply. On the final day of the boot camp, each team will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges made up of top agency professionals and brand stakeholders. The winning group will receive an internship with Team One!

Make no mistake: just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it’s any less intense. Regardless of time zone, participants will be required to be engaged for six business days, from being briefed to working with their teams to preparing and presenting their pitch.

Please see the tentative schedule for the week below:

Friday, March 5

  • Check-in: 11:30am-12:30pm/PT; 2:30-3:30pm/ET
  • Agency Slide Show + Brief Presentation: 12:30pm-1:30pm/PT; 3:30-4:30pm/ET
  • Break: 1:30-2:00pm/PT; 4:30-5pm/ET
  • Announce Teams: 2-2:30pm/PT; 5-5:30pm/ET
  • Mandatory for all boot campers

‚ÄčMonday, March 8-Wednesday, March 10

  • Meeting times will vary depending on group availability. We'll match mentors to groups depending on availability.

Thursday, March 11

  • Check-in: 11:30am-12pm/PT; 2:30-3pm/ET
  • Presentations: 12-3:30pm/PT; 3-6:30pm/ET (1 hour break included)
  • Mandatory for all boot campers

Friday, March 12:

  • Check-in: 11:30am-12pm/PT; 2:30-3pm/ET
  • Presentations: 12-3:30pm/PT; 3-6:30pm/ET (1 hour break included)
  • Judging: 3:30-4:00pm/PT; 6:30-7pm/ET
  • Announcement of Winners: 4-4:30pm/PT; 7-7:30pm/ET
  • Mandatory for all boot campers 

Please direct any questions to!

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