Constant, Creative, Combativeness in Design

By Alixandra Rutnik Posted on Feb 07, 2020

With a saturated creative field it’s hard for creatives not to think “damn why didn’t I come up with that”

There is an overwhelming amount of talent in this industry, which increases competition and keeps people at the top of their A-Game. I mean we all just got hit with Amazon's absolutely hilarious "Dating Site." Major points for creativity with that one. We talked with some of the 2020 One Show judges to get their feedback on a campaign from the past year that has stood out in their memory– a campaign that has blown them away. We also asked them about a part of the world that is exciting to the design industry. This is what they shared.

Nicky Bullard
Chief Creative Officer, MRM McCann
Direct Marketing Jury

"The US continues to dominate with amazing work for Microsoft, Nike, and Burger King. But the good old UK is doing pretty well too– the campaign that blew me away last year was “Viva la Vulva.” What a blast and beautiful craft."


Alex Bodman
VP, Global ECD, Spotify
Social Media Jury

"I'm so lucky to get to work with artists who have made brands of themselves. Sure I'm jealous of incredible brand work I see every day, but when I watched Lizzo's MTV performance, I was reminded of the kind of work I'll never make or the impact I'll never have. And I’m so grateful for the icons that will. We should be excited by the things we could never make– and be like “damn that made the world a better place.”"


Swantje Rummel
Executive Producer/Partner, Iconoclast
Moving Image Craft Jury

"I love storytelling; I love if the story isn’t just entertaining, but also has a truth to tell. Merging a strong narrative with elaborate technical craft is what excites me the most. In that sense, I really like Spike Jonze’s “The new normal“ or John Lewis’ “The Boy and the Piano.” In my opinion, the most important campaign of last year is “The Truth Is Worth It” from The New York Times."


Eric Silver
Chief Creative Officer, North America, McCann
Branded Entertainment Jury

"Childish Gambino’s music video “This Is America.”"


Chuck McBride
CCO/Chief Heart Officer, Cutwater
Film Jury

"I think creative excellence comes from so many places these days; there’s no one region that dominates globally. Great ideas come from everywhere now, but I was really impressed by the Kiwi Shoe Polish ads. As a writer, you gotta love the use of language and depth of copy; that came out of Chicago."


Mandie Van Der Merwe
Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi
Integrated / Experiential and Immersive Jury

"I’m a born-and-bred South African living in Australia, so hopefully this helps diminish any suggestions of bias. But for me, Australia is the place to watch. Work like last year’s “Project Revoice” for the ALS Association epitomizes what this region is capable of achieving. When you consider the scale of this idea– the impact it had and will continue to have for people all over the globe– it’s humbling. Over the years, this island-continent has managed to develop big and bold thinking that demands to be noticed. I think this ambition is as strong now as it’s ever been."


Marina Danjo
Creative Director, Dentsu
Design Jury

"Regardless of the field, I like works that express the brand's philosophy and value in a fresh way. Especially “Coal Drops Yard” and Berlin Philharmonic's “Rearranged” were amazing last year; both campaigns used things that the brand had built up in their long history to make a new image.


Bridget Johnson
Executive Creative Director, The Riverbed Agency
Film Jury

"The New York Times“The Truth Is Worth It,” is my instinctive choice. This is storytelling at its masterful best. With rare deftness, the creatives keep you captivated every second as they unfurl stories in a brilliant and simple way. Definite jealousy pangs over that one! In truth, there’ve been a lot of brilliant pieces in the last year and it will be interesting to see which ones surface in awards season. I truly believe that Africa is the ‘waking giant’ of the world in many ways. It’s a continent that endures extremes of inequality of many kinds– poverty and corruption, yet Africans have an indomitable spirit and drive to overcome. You can see it in our icons and our work. If advertising and design influences culture I think we’ll be seeing a lot more seminal work coming from this continent in the future."


Jason Bagley
Executive Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy
Branded Entertainment Jury

"Dang! I wish I made the “Sandy Hook Promise,” Squarespace’s “Oscar The Grouch,” and Skittle’s “The Broadway Musical!”"


Ami Alush
Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett
Integrated / Experiential and Immersive Jury

"The New York Times “The Truth Is Worth It,” is the campaign this year that made me wish I’d been part of making it. It was its simplicity in conveying the anatomy of how a story is created that captivated me. Its genius lay in the oh so simple way it managed to convey the complex process of getting a lead for a story, checking sources, and cross-referencing facts– a process that is tedious, time-consuming, and effort-intensive. An idea encapsulated in a typographical visual language of typing, deleting, editing and re-editing made its message crystal clear; it created, in an age where ‘fake news’ is king, a brilliant revalorization of journalism as a craft for professionals."


John Boiler
Creative Co-Chair, Founder, 72andSunny
Film Jury

"Oddly self-serving though it may be, I thought that the Tinder "Swipe Night" campaign was one of the most interesting campaigns I saw last year for the very reason it was not an ad campaign, but a product innovation that worked as marketing. I find the right mix of product and technology innovation is what makes the most exciting and USEFUL marketing these days. The more the advertising is part of the product experience, the more authentic and effective I believe it is."


Ted Lim
Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu
Direct Marketing Jury

"The US and UK continue to break new ground in the ad and design business. The work in the US and UK gets a lot of press, so I don’t need to tell anyone of the great work done in those parts of the world. I would like to share a short film produced in India titled "Parcel" by Taproot Dentsu Gurgaon for Harper Collins. It’s an 8-minute piece of branded entertainment that tells an engrossing tale with the most unexpected conclusion– a brilliant piece of storytelling."


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