The One Idea: From Conception to Completion, Denver Startup Week Session


The One Idea: From Conception to Completion, Denver Startup Week Session


Friday, September 29, 2017

About the Event

Join us during Denver Startup Week for a panel discussion featuring successful creative entrepreneurs as they take you through conception to completion of their “One Idea”. This panel spans multiple creative disciplines to ensure attendees of all backgrounds and interests will walk away with valuable information.

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Friday, September 29
Gensler, 1225 17th St #150, Denver, CO 80202


The largest event of its kind in North America, Denver Startup Week is the summit of entrepreneurial energy, innovation, and connection. Powered by the local community, the sessions represent the very best in tech, design, DIY-making, marketing and leadership. Whether a founder, developer, designer, marketer, maker, or anything in between - Denver Startup Week will inspire.

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Curt Cooper

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Frost Motion | Annual Show Award Winner | Paper Fashion Show Graphics Sponsor

Curt has over 13 years of experience leading motion design projects backed by a lifetime of classic art training. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, he worked as a Creative Director at top design boutiques in Chicago. In 2011 he moved to Denver to experience life in the mountains and bring his expertise to a growing market. He has a passion for combining realistic 3D design with live action footage and bringing the surreal thoughts of the creative subconscious to life, which was the inspiration for starting Frost. Curt’s passion lies in using motion design as a thoughtful and artistic vehicle to share a message.

Andrew Johnston

Executive Producer, Frost Motion | Annual Show Award Winner | Paper Fashion Show Graphics Sponsor

Andrew has over 12 years of experience as an Executive Producer and Management Executive. He graduated from Colorado University of Boulder and moved to Austin, Texas where he co-founded Lucky Rabbit Films and was the Lead Producer on music videos, short films, commercials, PSA's and documentaries. After working in Austin as a producer and in media production with brands such as Nike, New Belgium, AMEX, iFly, Intel, PBS,, Icebreakers, Fruit of the Loom and agencies including AKQA, CP&B, Plus, Momentum, and Made Movement, Andrew left Austin in 2016 and joined Frost Motion in Denver as an Executive Producer. Andrew has always been intrigued by the combination of business and creative. The mix of strategy, logistics, business development and creative freedom provides a new adventure on a day to day basis and keeps him fired up.

Robin Fulton

Photographer, Robins Photography | Paper Fashion Show Photography Lead

I've photographed thousands of faces since the late 80's, each with a story to tell. My work spans three decades, three continents, and several genres. I shoot because I see. I shoot because if I don't, I don't know who will. When I click the shutter, I have a moment where I feel as if I can show someone the truth, the essence of that moment. Who that subject is. In effect, I confront the viewer with the image and challenge them to understand it. I still believe in the power of photojournalism to spark positive change, its role speaking truth is unparalleled. As there is no language barrier in photography a photograph is particularly powerful because it is accessible to most of humanity. I've been asked what is it that compels me to be a photographer. I will tell you it’s almost like a disease, an obsession, a condition that drives me in an effort to capture and convey the moment. Once I accidentally skied backwards off a short cliff near Durango, while photographing a competition. Embarrassed and relieved that my gear was intact, I climbed back up and resumed shooting. The next morning I was bruised and sore, but it didn't matter, I got the shot. Photography is my way to show others what I see.

Barry Brown

Artist and Paper Crafter, Barry Brown Creative | Paper Fashion Show Award Winner

Barry Brown has been making things out of paper ever since origami was introduced in the elementary school math pod. As a teen, he learned the art of Scherenschnitte by watching artist Judith Meyers in a Greeley art gallery. Studying music and theater at UNC, he discovered a 1940's blank-and-white book on department store window displays made entirely of paper while researching ways to pay for tuition at Michener Library. He learned the techniques, and produced theatrical window displays and posters for the theater program for several years. Later, in Denver he worked as a featured graphic artist at a prominent event decorating company. At that time, Barry was researching dresses made of magazine covers when he stumbled across The One Club for Creativity Denver's Paper Fashion Show. He has never studied fashion, but loves to play with paper, so he joined team "pulp function" to create his first design entitled "caged beauty." The following year, he created "the butterfly effect." Each design won first place awards. The following two years, he competed solo, winning consecutive first place awards with his designs "Gloria Deo" and "Sprit of the Golden Wind." One of his favorite paper projects was folding 1400 paper airplanes with kids from Denver Children's Home, which was installed in a downtown Denver atrium, to celebrate Amelia Rose Earhart's record-setting flight around the world in a single engine airplane. Barry's most recent Paper Fashion design was a tea-length wedding dress, stunningly covered with intricately cut paper "thistle lace." His current work is part of his "cardboard kingdom," which includes cardboard automata: winged jungle animals made entirely from cardboard, which "fly" by turning a cardboard crank. He teaches summer camps and school enrichment programs focusing on paper art, the most popular of which is entitled "cardboard destructo camp."

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