Students: The Brief is back, you have 121 hours to create an amazing campaign.


Students: The Brief is back, you have 121 hours to create an amazing campaign.


Brief drops Friday, January 25. Campaign submissions due Friday, February 1.

About the Event

Teams: tune in Friday, January 25 at 9am MST for the Facebook Live stream of The Brief with the client at Underdogs Rescue. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the company.


The Brief is a student design competition where students have 121 hours to create the best possible campaign for a Colorado non-profit, Underdogs Rescue.

The Brief drops via Facebook Live and students will have one week to build a client ready presentation. Each team is assigned a senior creative mentor for guidance and support. The top three ideas/presentations will be selected and given the opportunity to present in front of the client.

The top team will be awarded $1000 ($250 per person for team of 4) and have the chance to get their work produced.






Brief will drop on Friday, January 25, at 9am MT

Campaign submissions will be due Friday, February 1, at 5pm MT.

This will be broadcasted on Facebook Live so students from out of state can participate.




  • Students can form teams of 1-4 people 
  • Each team only has to sign up and pay once. Ex: Team of 4 pays once for the whole team. Team of 2 pays once for the whole team
  • Teams must be signed up by Thursday January 24 at 5pm MT. This will allow for us to pair teams with a creative contact and better manage the event
  • Students outside the Colorado/the Rocky Mountain region can participate




  • Top 3 campaign concepts will get selected to present in front of the client and judges
  • That event will take place Friday February 8 between 12-5pm MT at The Integer Group in Lakewood, CO
  • If an out-of-state campaign is in the top three we will arrange for students to present virtually
  • If a team in the top three cannot make the presentation they will still be considered for one fo the 3 prizes
  • We will announce the top 3 teams Monday February 4
  • We will use the submission decks as the presentations. Submissions should be presentation ready
  • Participants not in the top 3, professors, and family are welcome to attend the presentations. Space is limited so we will monitor as we get closer to the event




  • Top campaign will still receive $1000. Keep in mind this is a $1000 total. Teams will have to split between team members
  • There will be prizes for second and third place




  • We will work to have a creative contact in the industry assigned to each team
  • It will be up to the students to reach out to this contact if they want feedback prior to the final submission date
  • Creative support is intended to guide the teams and make the process feel more like a typical work week

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