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Grape Stomp Ad/Poster / Milwaukee Art Museum/Grape Lakes Food and Wine Festival

Submitted By Jane Kramer


The 19th annual Grape Lakes Food and Wine Festival is a fundraiser for the Milwaukee Art Museum and consists of three events: a 5k run/walk called the Grape Stomp, a fine wine auction/gourmet dinner prepared by 8 of the city's top chefs, and a wine tasting. Nelson Schmidt has handled the creative for about 10 years and, as always, must meet the challenge of creating something unique and fresh. This is a well-known festival and has a pretty sophisticated core audience. Instead of focusing on the wine, which has been done many times before, we chose to focus on the art -- to bring to light that the event venue is just as important as each individual event. Fortunately for us, the Milwaukee Art Museum has an excellent permanent collection and variety of famous sculptures. When we found the degas sculpture of the woman stretching (as if preparing for a run) we were on our way. We were able to find one sculpture (rodin and trentanove) that worked for each of the three events. For these ads and posters, we just kept it simple, let the art (and a little retouching) do the talking, and then got out of the way.


We wanted to tie the museum back into the event versus just presenting it as a venue for it. The actual building itself, designed by famed architect Santiago Calatrava presents such an exciting atmosphere it is a shame not to take advantage of it and it's contents. After all, this is a fundraiser for the acquisitions and exhibition fund so it seemed like a no-brainer. In the past there has been a bit of a disconect. Also in the past there has been one central image to advertise the event and it was placed on all materials produced. Each event has such a different target audience and rarely do people attend all three that we wanted to make separate ads/posters/brochures etc. that could stand on their own yet come together as a campaign.

Technical Challenge

Dealing with priceless pieces of art -- specifically degas and rodin -- had it's challenges. they could not be moved or touched in any way. we could not control lighting in the musem which also made the task of shooting the pieces in an artful way challenging.

The runner's number, auction paddle, and wine glass had to be shot separately in a studio. The images were them merged and manipulated to ceate the atmosphere as if we shot them with the sculpture.


Milwaukee Art Museum/Grape Lakes Food and Wine Festival




Nelson Schmidt




Account Executive

Janet Merk

Art Director

Jane Kramer

Creative Director

Jane Kramer and Rick Lagan

Photo Illustrator

Retoucher: Gina Ferrise


Jeff Salzer


Rick Lagan




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