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Human Rights Day / Amnesty International Hong Kong

Submitted By Ada Wong


To commemorate International Human Rights Day on 10 December 2006, Amnesty International invited various social groups to participate in a street carnival in Causeway Bay ¡V one of the busiest shopping districts in Hong Kong. Since people tend to read less on words, so, in order to attract attention, we specially design a hangman clothes, a prisoner pants and a pair of handcuff gloves and put on display in the carnival. The clothes, pants and the gloves are printed with wire pattern and are sewn together. People are encouraged to use real scissors to cut the suffering person(s) free.


The aim of the carnival was to remind people of persisting human rights problems in the world, and of the enormous efforts still required to make human rights a reality for all.

Technical Challenge

Hong Kong people tend to read less. With topic as serious as Human Rights, Hong Kong people tend to skip the message. Thus, a need to use specially media opportunity aroused and we think we should attract their attention in the busy shopping district with specially designed clothes, pants and gloves to bring out the message.


Amnesty International Hong Kong


Grey Worldwide: HK


Innovative Use of Media


Art Director

Ivy Lee / Raymond Wong / Jennifer Yip

Creative Director

Keith Ho / Danny Chan / Ivy Lee


Ricky Wong


Danny Chan




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