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The most difficult challenge / The Peace Corps

Submitted By Ashley Allen


First by defining whom these people are. We call them “Unfulfilled
Idealists.” Those with traits not found in traditional units of measure: age, gender, ethnicity and economic background. Rather, they are led by emotions, are more idealistic, and collectively share an intense desire for the betterment of the community, the world, and themselves. In order to make communication effective, our tonality had to be dead on. More visceral, and immediate.

Because no two Peace Corps volunteers have the same experience, we used images that were as unique from each other as possible. Our images reflected the vast range of places the Peace Corps serves. Our use of four-color ads whenever possible was an important way to speak to the loftiness and beauty of the Peace Corps’ mission. A loftiness that was further underscored by thought-provoking headlines.


In theory, our goal was to generate awareness about the benefits of joining The Peace Corps. When we really analyzed it, however, we viewed our objective more as creating and sustaining an overwhelming sense of “Must” within the unfulfilled idealist. Only then could we offer The Peace Corps as a potential answer to their desired wish to serve, learn, and do.


The Peace Corps


Public Service


BBDO Atlanta




Account Executive

Jane Gregory

Art Director

Chris Bakay, Danny Corrales

Creative Director

Marcus Kemp, Bill Pauls

Photo Illustrator

Patrick White


Ryan Flynn


Mike Weidner, Evan Brown




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