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Recruitment - Roach / Re:spect Magazine

Submitted By Ada Wong


Everything began with a recruitment campaign placed in magazines and facebook groups, asking for ideas about how to make music from a piece of paper. Participants could use any part of re:spect magazine – tear out a page, rip it, scratch it, blow it, tap it or do whatever they could think of to create sounds from the paper. Readers were invited to show their ideas in a video and send it to re:spect.
The workable ideas were used for a live paper music concert that re:spect organized and filmed as a viral video to spread via the Internet.
Once the recruitment campaign was launched, the re:spect facebook page was filled with requests for details of the project. Music lovers kept uploading creative videos to the group prompting a torrent of comments.
The 35 selected performers for the viral video drew massive response in the social networks. More than 16,000 “likes” were recorded on facebook. It also aroused the interest of the mass media, attracted support from artists and singers and gained hundreds of new readers for the magazine!


Hong Kong is a tough place for music lovers. There are lots of music magazines, but they’re all just packed with gossip about pop stars, with nothing about actual music. Fortunately there is one magazine that respects real music and real music lovers. Of course, it's called re:spect. ‘Every page is about music’. That’s their motto and they live up to it. Such a passion for music deserved an ingenious campaign to let music lovers know about them.

Technical Challenge

There was no major technical challenge in the production process.


Re:spect Magazine


Grey Hong Kong




Culture, Leisure and Sports


Art Director

Keith Ho / Sonic Choy / Gloria Fung / Diana Nip

Creative Director

Keith Ho / William Tsang / Sonic Choy


Diana Nip


Diana Nip


William Tsang / Halo Cheng




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