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Ski wax letter / Pitsch Sport GmbH

Submitted By Janine Rohner


After a brief snowy interval at the end of October, Switzerland continues to enjoy pleasantly mild temperatures. For the time being there’s no snow in sight, which is not exactly encouraging for winter trade if you’re in the sports business. So something proactive needed to be done to increase traffic in Pitsch Sport stores and to thus stimulate sales of ski services and new equipment.


Existing and selected potential customers were sent a letter encouraging them to pay a visit to Pitsch Sport. However, it was no ordinary letter that was sent to Pitsch customers; it was actually printed on wax paper. This meant that after reading it, customers could simply screw it into a ball and wax their skis with it. And if it so happened that the skis became slower after waxing – contrary to expectations – then Pitsch Sport guaranteed a ski service on the house.

Technical Challenge

Despite the mild weather, the ski season is going well at Pitsch Sport in Gossau. Already on the first weekend after dispatch, the sports retailer recorded a 200% increase in store traffic. But that’s not all: even with no snow in lower-lying areas, sales were boosted by 15% in three weeks.


Pitsch Sport GmbH


Agentur am Flughafen AG




Culture, Leisure and Sports


Account Executive

Miriam Egli

Art Director

Dominique Rutishauser

Creative Director

Rene Eugster


Valeria Hoerler




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